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Logitech with Multiple users in XP Pro


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I've got the Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical (which I love for the most part)...I'm running Win XP Pro (with two users)... For some reason whenever I switch users (without "logging off") the drivers don't seem to initialize correctly. The basic mouse functions work (click, right click, wheel), but the double-click I have set to the wheel button, and the back button (thumb button), stop working. All I have to do to temporarily fix the problem is to open up the mouse properties, click on the buttons tab, hit modify, hit okay, and apply... (basically make a non-change to get the program to wake up). This happens whenever I switch users, and both users have the same problem.I've emailed Logitech about it (all I get from them is make sure my users are set-up to have access to the program)... both users are set to Administrator access... I've reinstalled the drivers a few times (the newest ones), but can't seem to fix this...any ideas??? Thanks,Ryan

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Update - After playing around with it and looking on Logitech's site, I seem to have fixed the problem (for now)... I looked at the device manager and noticed that the mouse was installed as an "HID compatible pointing device." I tried updating the driver (searching myself, not doing the autoupdate), and noticed that I could choose a Logitech cordless pointing device. I chose that, and it changed the driver info from Logitech to Microsoft... now I can change users and the mouse still works.... Logitech mentions doing something like this to set up default Logitech Windows XP mouse drivers... it worked for me! :)Logitech's Support page w/ info :)

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