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Welcome back to Scot's Newsletter Forums! Our outage was unexpected and it lasted longer than hoped. In a nutshell, we were offline because the Scot's Newsletter Blog and Forums were hacked. The bad guys gained FTP access to our sites, and nothing we did shook them free. B) As you may be aware, I was already in the process of looking for a new host for the Scot's Newsletter sites. So, during the outage I accelerated that process. The forums you are now viewing are being served by a different, much better, and we hope far more secure webhost. For now, I'm withholding the name of that host. But at some point in the future I will write in the Scot's Newsletter Blog about many of the experiences I've had over the last couple of months. In particular, I'd like to share some of my takeaways about security. I've learned a lot from the security review I underwent at the direction of anonymous white-hat security experts. I want to pass along that information to all Scot's Newsletter readers and members.My primary concern right now is the relaunch of these forums, however. They have been upgraded to the latest version of the Invision Power Board software as well as the switch to the new servers. So a lot has changed. We could use everyone's help in beta testing it. Please post things you notice, issues, comments, questions, etc., in this thread. And be sure to read the Known Problems:Forums Feedback - Report Problems with the IPB 2.3.5 upgradeThanks for your patience, and your help. Hopefully this new home for SNF will be more reliable and secure. I'm very glad to have the forums back online!-- Scot

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