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Secrity flaws in media palyers


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I just read an article on ZD Net reporting that some serious security flaws have been discovered in both Quicktime and RealPlayer. These were older versions, however, and the flaws seems to have been corrected in the latest versions. Their recommendation his to make sure you have the latest versions on board.Interestingly enough, when I down;oaded Quicktime 6.1 they have now included an auto-update feature ( i haven't looked yet to see if I could turn it off if I wanted to)m which may be in response to this news.This is what can make system security so hard; I use Quicktime and RealPlayer very infrequently, but when I need them, I need them, so I keep them onboard. I don't think about them, though, so I am just lucky to run into the info while browsing some of my favorites.Anyway, it's probably a fix you should consider, if you haven't fixed it already, or even have those players onboard.

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