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Audio Player Security

Guest LilBambi

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Guest LilBambi

Well, just when we thought we got the security holes plugged for the previous buffer overruns in our audio players (most recently RealOne and Winamp 2.x and before that WMP .... yet again security issues come to light and need fixing ... REALONE - Affected versions of the player include the RealOne Player and RealOne Player v2 for Windows, RealPlayer 8 for Windows, RealPlayer 8 for Mac OS 9, RealOne Player for Mac OS X, RealOne Enterprise Desktop Manager and RealOne Enterprise Desktop.QUICKTIME - Separately, security research firm iDefense warned of an exploitable buffer overflow in QuickTime, the media player owned by Apple Computer. QuickTime Player versions 5.x and 6.0 for the Microsoft Windows platform are vulnerable but QuickTime for MacOS did not contain the vulnerability, iDefense said. Apple has released QuickTime 6.1 which patches the flaws.Details in this InternetNews.com articleI have to admit I was somewhat surprised about QuickTime. Guess it's time to go have a download talk with Apple ;) I thought it was just so much of the same with RealOne ... just another in what seems like a long line of security problems associated with this totally unremarkable player...IMHO.

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