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convert corel cdr format to linux usable format


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Took me quite a while to find it, I'm testing it now.Here's the link with distro ready packages:http://sk1project.org/modules.php?name=Pro...ct=uniconvertor B)
edit: bummer !! there's no 64bit version, so on my machine it doesn't work. :rolleyes: :w00t: (error: wrong ELFversion 32bits)Note: for anybody testing it (on 32 bit arch) here's how to use it:After installing, open up a console and type:
$ uniconv --help

That will reveal the simple command (-s) to convert a .cdr file to say a .svg file. The latter you may be able to open/view in Inkscape.

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;) tested uniconvert on Mandriva 2008 (32bits). It worked like a charm when converting the .cdr file to .svg, .eps and .pdf. No problem opening it after the conversion. Also tested it converting to .odg format (OOo-draw). OOo-Draw could not open it. (OOo-2.3.0)So, one finally can use .cdr files to convert to a usable format in linux. However, let's wait for a 64bit version to become available. B)
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