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The choice is obviously yours but I fail to understand why anyone would choose Adobe over Foxit. Both programs do the same thing. Adobes help file is larger than the entire Foxit program.
Foxit is handy to have around in your "utilities" folder, but still has rendering and compatibility problems, plus it simply does not have the features of Adobe Reader. It's only good ~60% of the time for me. Quite bad, when Adobe gives me 99%.
This is why. I've run into rendering problems before in open-source and free PDF viewer programs. Adobe Reader will give near 100% perfect results when opening PDFs.Also there are going to be more features, whether they are bloatware or not. For some people , these are necessary features. I've found it necessary to extract pages from long PDFs. Does foxit do that? That is a feature I must have when at work.Foxit may work for you, if you are using it mainly as a simple PDF viewer. If you need more features, then Adobe Reader may be required. It is really your choice, and choice is a good thing. ;)Adam

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