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How to speed up your RAM

Eric Legge

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its an ok article, except it deals more with tweaking and overclocking your DDR333 and DDR400mhz RAM chips. i'm still stuck with (t)rusty old PC133 RAM :D

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Also, this is an overclocking article so it assumes that you are also overclocking your CPU. One of the paradoxes of overclocking your RAM is that it has been shown that if you run your memory clock asynchronously with your CPU bus then you may see a slight performance hit. That is if you have a 400 MHz quad-pumped FSB (Intel) which has an actual bus frequency of 100 MHz and run your memory asynchronously at PC2700/DDR333 speeds (166 MHz) you may actually see lower benchmark scores than if you ran the memory synchronously at PC1600/DDR200 (100 MHz).So, here's a quick recommended memory setting chart for matching up with your CPU:Intel | AMD | Memoryy SpeedP4/P4 "A" (100 MHz FSB) | Athlon/Athlon XP/Palomino (100 MHz FSB) | PC1600/DDR200P4 "B" (133 MHz FSB) | Athlon XP/Thoroughbred (133 MHz FSB) | PC2100/DDR266--- | Athlon XP Thoroughbred "B"/Barton (166 MHz FSB) | PC2700/DDR333P4 "C" (200 MHz FSB) | Athlon XP/Barton (200 MHz FSB) | PC3200/DDR400

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