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Mac Open Source Software


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Are you wondering which of your open source programs are available for Mac? You might be surprised at what is out there. The link above has quite a few.

  • Gimp
  • NeoOffice (Open Office)
  • Pysol
  • Samba
  • Firefox
  • XChat
  • Thunderbird
  • and even more

Take a close look at the bottom of the list: Q[kju:]It says it is an open source program:

About Q [kju:]Run Windows, Linux, and many more systems on your Mac. Q is a feature-packed Cocoa port of QEMU. Switch fast between guest PCs. Save and restart guest PCs at any stage. Easily exchange files between Host and Guest. Q makes use of the most advanced technologies of OS X, like openGL and CoreAudio, to accelerate your experience with your guest PC. What's New in this Version- rtl8139 Networkcard support - [new] pcnet Networkcard support - mousegrab is deactivated when application looses key (VirtueDesktops fix) - fullscreen is deactivated if user is app switching (command-tab fix) - .toast support for CD-ROM images loaded from toolbar - grab/ungrab not called when usb-tablet is emulated (mousepointer sync fix)
What are your favorite open source for Mac programs?
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Guest LilBambi

From what I have seen, some do and some don't but they always tell you if they do.Some say things like for MacOS 9 and Mac OS X. Some say Universal (which may or may not include MacOS 9??, but certainly would generally include PPC as well as Intel Macs).Very good question. Maybe someone who has used a Mac longer than I have will be able to answer more fully.

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