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November Issue of Scot's Newsletter


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Here's the November Issue of Scot's Newsletter* Windows Vista and Office 2007 Go Gold - Review: A Hard Look at Windows Vista* Turning Over an Apple Leaf?* Mozilla to Give Eudora New Life* Firefox 2.0 Rocks, and IE7 Is Much Improved* Mixed Impressions on Outpost 4* A Few Insights on F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007* Power Users Win on Vista Licensing* Dot.com Dunderheads* Link of the Month: Ed Bott's Microsoft Report Blog

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Good writeup on Vista, Scot. :thumbsup:It was quite refreshing to have what I thought was an honest review of Vista (pros and cons) without the baggage that we always see.Really made me think about the future of the OS's in my household.

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Thanks, Scot-A good writeup on Vista. I'll be rereading and digesting it for a while yet. Your comments were most enlightening. Especially these:

If I could strip out aspects of Vista like Microsoft's aggressive anti-piracy measures, some of its onerous protective mechanisms, and the high cost of Vista Ultimate, I might continue as a more or less content Windows user. But the emergence of Vista has sparked something new inside me, a serious need to explore my alternatives.
Yep. Siiiighhhhh!There's a sort of theme here, in the newsletter issue overall. I read it as one of wistful regretfulness at the passing of good things gone awry. Windows, Yahoo, Amazon, even Ebay. Nothing really good stays good forever, so we move on. But regretfully. And with nostalgia...
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