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We're Back: July 13-14 Outage, Forums Upgrade


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We're back in operation!We had trouble last night during the upgrade of the forums software to version 2.1.7 that caused us to revert to a recent backup of our database files. As a result, we lost most of yesterday's posts. The backup was from the wee hours of the morning (U.S. Eastern Time) on July 13. I believe this is the second time SNF has lost a small bit of data. It happens sometimes. We strive to avoid it at all costs.This was not caused by any sort of hack attack, by the way. We took a very early version of IPB 2.1.7 that installed differently than expected.We're still on guard for a possible repeat of the recent IFRAME injection that we experienced two days ago. In the private IPSBeyond forums, for IPB owners, many, many other forum owners are having the same problem.This 2.1.7 version of the software add an "antivirus" feature in the AdminCP that should help us track down problems like that. It rapidly shows changes to the software that runs the site, and keeps a close tabs on any "users" who have had elevated privileges.I'd like to thank all the forum admins, especiall LilBambi and Corrine, for their diligence in vigilance.I would also like to enlist the help and support of all SNF members. Please report anything suspicious as fast as possible. We don't mind potential false alarms. Better to be safe than sorry.-- Scot

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James M. Fisher
We're back in operation!I'd like to thank all the forum admins, especiall LilBambi and Corrine, for their diligence in vigilance.-- Scot
Indeed! :)
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