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War Worms Inch Across Internet

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This War Worms Inch Across Internet article from wired.com was listed as one of the items in the newest version of SANS.org's NewsBites.

And at least three e-mail viruses that their authors claim were released in response to the war have started making rounds on the Net.
According to the article, a military wife who had not heard from her husband for a couple days received an email with claims that it had pictures of what happened in Iraq the night before. Because of worry for her husband and not thinking, she opened it and it messed up her computer to the point that she can't get online and get any email.Apparently, so far, the war-related worm in widest circulation is Ganda. Ganda is currently rated a low threat by most security firms. I have a feeling that may be changing soon :D Details and links in the article.

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