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router and static IP

Gus K

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I'm using SBC/Yahoo DSL (non static IP, PPPoe). If I go with a router will I now have a static IP till I reboot the modem and or router?I shut down my rig at night.Thanks

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In theory, the router, as long as it is powered up, will pick up an IP via the modem, and will keep that IP until thew sooner of three events occurs:

  • the IP lease expires, or
  • the power is interrupted (to either the modem or the router, or
  • the CATV connection to the modem is broken.

That having been said, you should recognize that this IP address is still most likely a dynamic address -- one with longevity, but dynamic none the less.

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Of course, Chris is right.My experience is that most "dynamic" broadband connections, whether DSL or cable Internet (or other) are not very dynamic at all. Most people never shut down their cable modems or dsl modems/gateways. And most service providers don't require you to give up your lease on a weekly basis or whatever. In other words, you keep your IP until you power down the broadband modem.Some broadband providers do, though, force you to re-lease a new IP address, usually on a weekly basis.But I don't think adding a router to the equation will change any of that. Most newer routers, such as the D-Link DI-604, provide separate settings for Dynamically- and Statically-assigned IPs that allow the router to swing with either type of behavior. Set it to Dynamic, and you can pretty much forget it.The key point is the modem, not the router. If you power down the modem and not the router, you will probably have issues that might require you to power cycle the router or wait for it to catch up. If you power down both, you'd be ok. But ... (and I'm a big believer in saving power), my recommendation is that you just leave your DSL modem turned on. It doesn't use much power.-- Scot

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Good explaination Chris.

In other words, you keep your IP until you power down the broadband modem.
Not true in my case Scot, I never shut down the modem, but everytime I reboot my rig I get a new IP address.
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