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Nvidia's driver cheating!


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Guest genaldar

What bothers me about 03 is that because my soundcard is a little long in the tooth (vortex 2 based xitel platinum) I can't even run some of the tests properly. Because of that my score is really low (around 1200). After doing some trial and error on a friends computer I've figured my score could be over twice as high if I plunked down the money for a new sound card. But I don't see the point of upgrading. I may only get 2 speakers in xp, but since I'm moving around so much now I wouldn't bother hooking up 4 anyway.

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I am sticking to Prelude76's windshield (<=== a fly joke!) on his original statement dated May 26 (first page of this thread) about not wanting to change camps from the NVidia GeForce Graphics Cards! They have been good to me!Our local Computer store (Fry's) had the 64MB GeForce4 Titanium board $49! I was so tempted to buy it but I donot do much 3D, so I will await the next graphics revolution!Here is a great site for Graphics and beyond! >>Guru of 3D<<This site has been around for a looooooong while and they actually went under for almost a month but came back by popular demand at the beginning of this year! This site has drivers galore (old, new, beta, approved, tweaked, legacy ....... etc.). It is mostly a hardware site but only you can be the judge! Hope I am not too late in adding my 2cents into this conversation! Enjoy!

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