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SNF to Undergo Major Software Upgrade

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UPDATE: We're still awaiting Invision Power Services (our webhost and also the makers of Invision Power Board) to pick up the ticket and perform the upgrade. Guessing it'll be within the next 24-48 hours.--------------------SNF (Scot's Newsletter Forums) is awaiting upgrade from its forum software makers. We put in the request today, and the work could occur at any time.Please be advised that after the upgrade, all our custom skins will be gone, and we'll all be using the default blue skin for a period of at least several days. Forum Admin Arena2045 created the skins for Scot's Newsletter Forums, and he will have to recreate them from scratch after the upgrade.We may also experience a loss of some minor customizations we've made to the board, mostly small conveniences or appearance items. It may take some time to recreate those. Things like smilies and the like may be affected. Please report anything you notice in Forum Feedback. A thread will be created there for Upgrade Related Issues you notice. But, all, PLEASE be patient with our Admins and Moderators. This is not all going to be picture perfect overnight. Some things will take a while.We'll be exploring the many new features of Invision Power Board 2.0, which might be fun. But there'll probably also be some things you won't like as much, or that take some getting used to.Change is always hard. But please try to bear with it. We've been through this before, and we'll get through it again.Thanks in advance for your patience and optimism. :D :thumbsup:-- Scot

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