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Anyone else testing Thunderbird?

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Don't know if there's anyone else here that's actively using Thunderbird, but they did release a new alpha build on May 21. So far, I'm blown away! It seems to be about 2x as fast as the old build! They've converted everything over to the Mozilla/Firebird toolkit, so that made quite a difference in the loading speed! Fixed a few other things too... It's not even a beta version yet, and I'm already hooked! It's still got a few issues, but so far, very good!Anybody else using it? Would love to hear other reviews of it. http://www.mozilla.org/projects/thunderbird/

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i have it downloaded, but dont trust it 100% yet to switch my mozilla's email over to thunderbird. i'll wait until beta, but do keep us posted.p.s. to thunberbird developers: add 1 step email backup feature :rolleyes:

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