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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure why but no matter what I try to install from the AUR via Yaourt, I get the same error each time. I wanted to check out the new Enlightenment desktop to went to install entrance-svn but I get this. Same for another package like pacman-color. root@localhost ichase02]# yaourt -S entrance-svn /usr/lib/yaourt/util.sh: line 164: /usr/bin/package-query: No such file or directory /usr/lib/yaourt/util.sh: line 164: /usr/bin/package-query: No such file or directory error: target not found: entrance-svn I have the following in pacman.conf [archlinuxfr] Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/x86_64 Is this because none of these packages are 64 bit compliant? I was able to pull E17 from the extra repos no problem, this is only affected by the AUR. Thanks all, Ian
  2. I am trying to follow this guide http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=52921&hl= Trouble is I have a .deb file not a .tar file. Will the guide work on a .deb and how do I proceed ?
  3. OK, there was this unusual update in AUR for Java JRE. You had to manually download the tarball from Oracle's site before continuing with the update. Once I did that, it kept saying my tarball wasn't in the proper directory. I put it in the directory it said to put it in, but no joy. I think it partially worked on one attempt, but now Java sites in Firefox totally lock-up the browser. Yaourt is still saying that JRE has not been updated. https://aur.archlinu...es.php?ID=51908 Any ideas?
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