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Found 7 results

  1. Is anyone in the Forum Running open SuSe as their Primary OS or Distro? I ran the commercial versions of Suse from 4.2 until 10.0 around 2006 when I switched to Ubuntu until Ubuntu went to Unity. At that time I went to Mint and been with mint ever since. I am seriously thinking of going back to Suse or maybe Fedora. Give me your input pro and con. Thanks Mel
  2. A fully working PC has been integrated into a regular mouse I want one. Sounds really neat for folk who travel a lot. Might only be usefull for surfing and such but that would suit a good number of folk. An they say it will be cheap, though what cheap means is anyone's guess.
  3. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=arch_2012_linuxdistros&num=1 This shoot out is almost a year old but I thought it would be of interest. I hesitated posting as Arch is not a clear cut winner by any means. Though it does in the main kick Ubuntus butt, well it is more of a playful kick in the pants really.
  4. Just came across this site when I tried to log in to Scots. Have we been hacked or taken over ? Happy April Fools day folks.
  5. So I'm pretty new to the whole Linux game. A recent hardware failure prompted me to swtich to Linux from Windows 7 and thus far I have no intention of turning back. So let me begin by saying "hello!" I'm new to the forum and was recommended to visit by a forum friend. I feel having a great place for me to post my Linux question and learn would be here. I'm really loving the Linux experience. So, I know you probably would prefer me to make several threads for all of my issues, but I honestly feel it'd be much more efficient to do it in one thread, tackling each issue once one is compl
  6. V.T. Eric Layton


    New 'pure GNOME' Ubuntu Linux is coming
  7. First Impressions Ubuntu 12.04 AMD 64 Ubuntu 12.04 was just released a few days ago so I downloaded the X86 AMD64 Version. What follows are my first impressions. I downloaded the ISO took a long time even with Utorrent, Lots of people still downloading and the servers are busy. Got it downloaded and burned to a CD. Started the install and checked download updates while installing. It took 40 minutes to install (probably some of that was the time downloading to install updates) The first thing I ran into after the install was Restricted driver was needed for my graphics card. No
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