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Found 10 results

  1. Yes, yet another systemd cheat sheet. I really like this one as it has a large list of reference links if you need more information. https://gist.github.com/mbodo/8f87c96ce11e91f80fbf6175412a2206
  2. Mattias Geniar has posted a useful list of resources to help understand systemd: https://ma.ttias.be/learning-systemd/
  3. Are there any non-linux kernels they currently support and if so, what does this mean for them? systemd is specifically for use with many features of the linux kernel and the big developers have no interest in trying to make it a universal tool. The project page lists a huge range of hardware and projects that Debian runs on. The one that jumps out at me from the list is kFreeBSD. Anyone know if it runs on a linux kernel?
  4. Whilst there are some threads concerning systemd there does not seem to be a thread about using systemd that I can find so this is just such a thread. This is a thread to post useful information on the general usage of systemd for whatever os. My tip is a little outside my knowledge zone but I can see that it looks very useful. http://jjacky.com/2013-10-06-run-triggers-on-systemd-journal-messages/ See I told you it was a useful tip.
  5. Tom Gundersen wrote: URL: https://www.archlinux.org/news/final-sysvinit-deprecation-warning/ Wondering if this is where my SAMBA issue came from, believe I am still running SAMBA via init especially considering the error I got in webmin about /etc/rc.d/samba ? Hmmmmmmmm
  6. I told you, resistance is FUTILE!!!!!! Tom Gundersen wrote: URL: https://www.archlinux.org/news/end-of-initscripts-support/ Looking at the systemd migration guide, this does not look like a piece of cake. I know Eric will probably say it is because he has already done it, but Eric is a "GURU" It is in print. Don't make me post the article again Eric.
  7. From the ArchLinux mailing list:
  8. I just replaced my old HP All-In-One which has been giving me fits for about 3 years. It finally died and let me off the merry-go-round. I got a Brother (they have a huge library of Linux drivers) DCP-7065DN monochrome laser with scan and copy. It sets up easy under Mepis because Brother provides rpm and deb packages with instructions and the Mepis wiki entry is easy to follow. I am now up to installing it on my Arch pure systemd desktop, and even though there is a great ArchWiki entry for this printer, it does not yet apply to systemd. I need to replace all the instances in the file with something designed for the Arch filesystem and systemd, not the in the instructions. Any suggestions about what to use or where to find instructions? I've looked at the systemd homepage and links, the ArchWiki pages associated with systemd and cups, and the mandatory internet search without finding anything really helpful. My best guess, and it is huge guess, in to use /etc/systemd to replace /etc/init.d and /etc/systemd/cups.service to replace /etc/init.d/cups
  9. ...How I Totally Borked My Arch Installation and Learned to Love the Bomb Hokee-dokee, folks... Since I can't seem to get auto-mounting to work anymore on my Arch installation and I'm still getting those annoying NOHZ soft_irq errors, I believe I'll completely convert my Arch installation from inits over to systemd today. If all goes well... YAY! If not, there are other remedies. Stay tuned for the updates...
  10. V.T. Eric Layton

    systemd and Arch Linux

    Well, I'll tell you folks like it is... Recently, Arch made some major changes in how their distribution handles hardware management. Currently, they are simultaneously offering udev (now within the new systemd-tools package) and systemd in the Core repos. For those of you not familiar with systemd, you should read here --> https://wiki.archlin...dex.php/Systemd To be blunt, I don't like what I see coming down the pike for Arch. I believe that systemd implementation will be an absolute nightmare. I'm no Linux guru, but after reading how systemd works and how utterly different it is from current methods that the majority of distributions are using, I'm not too thrilled with this "improvement". I believe it may be time for me to say so long to Arch. It's been fun. I don't have any major criticisms. Arch is a fabulous distribution. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and learning things. However, I'm no young Linux whipper-snapper these days. I kinda' like old and trustworthy over new and exciting. I'll probably continue to have Arch as a tester somewhere on one of my systems, but I won't be depending on it as my backup OS anymore. This change may be taking place soon. We'll see.
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