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Found 3 results

  1. My posting at one of my blogs regarding Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 support ending in just a few months.
  2. WinPatrol PLUS For Everyone Just $2 - Bits from Bill Blog Much more in the posting! Thanks Bill for doing this again!!! Gonna go snag some more for me! Great way to 'donate' and say how much I love WinPatrol! ' FYI: If you buy via credit card, there is a $.50 surcharge. The PayPal way to pay without a surcharge is in the RIGHT navigation on WinPatrol.com Also note that you can buy multiple copies of individual WinPatrol at $2 each or a Family Pack for $10 Last time I purchase 5 individual licenses so I could pass some on to friends. This time I think I will just do I chose the Family Pack so I will have unlimited use on all family computers. Wish I could do 5 more individual licenses too but timing is such that I am playing catch up. Bill also has a posting about Windows XP users: Many Surprised by Windows XP Usage - Bits from Bill Blog: BOLD emphasis mine. Much more in the article. If you read the 7/23/2013 update to that article, Microsoft is also pushing their XP Retirement party (posted after this posting by Bill.
  3. amenditman

    Modem Disconnected message

    My parents who live a long distance away are having a Windows XP dial-up modem problem. When they try to log on to check emails they get the following, "The modem has been disconnected. This may have happened due to a problem in transmission or a temporary communications problem. Please try connecting again." Needless to say they have tried again. Here is the list of what we have tried over the phone. Another computer can connect on the same phone line to the same internet service. Connected a phone on that wire and have a signal. Replaced internal modem with a known good modem. What should I have them check? My Dad is OK with troubleshooting, but needs direction. I haven't messed with a telephone modem in soooo long I can't remember where to start. Suggestions?
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