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Found 20 results

  1. OK, there are some things that are just unfathomable! A friend has installed his new recovery disks on his new computer. He accidentally put in the wrong email address for his Microsoft Account. I went in and and changed to logging in locally temporarily, then removed the Microsoft Account (the wrong one). Then I went back in after a reboot and after creating a brand new Outlook.com Microsoft Account for him with all the security checks in place, etc. Now, we are having some fun. I went back to using a Microsoft Account and put in his new Outlook.com Microsoft Account in while I w
  2. abarbarian

    ReactOS 0.3.16 review

    http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2014/02/06/reactos-0-3-16-review/ It ain't windows or linux but I thought it might interest those poor folk who have to use windows programs.
  3. Google has the following to switch between Desktop Mode and Metro UI in Google Chrome: Switch between Chrome on the desktop and Chrome in Windows 8 mode That page also shows how to switch between regular window and incognito window, add a secondary tile to the Start Screen, and info about not all plug-ins are supported due to the Pepper API. In addition, Softpedia has a registry key if you just want to force Chrome to use Desktop mode: Google Chrome Stuck in Windows 8 Mode – How to Fix It HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Chrome\Metro I think I like t
  4. HP urges consumer customers not to downgrade new PCs to Windows 7 - Computerworld BOLD emphasis mine You are responsible for getting the downgrade media from your OEM computer manufacturer and doing the downgrade yourself. For consumer grade computers, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro to be able to obtain downgrade rights, but HP charges $70 for the move from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro.
  5. Hello, I thought I would share some useful web sites for Windows 8 users: McAkins Online - blog discussing Modern Windows 8 Apps MetroStore Scanner - allows you to search for Modern Windows 8 Apps outside of the Windows Store WMPoweruser - news about Windows Phone 8 and apps Please feel free to share your favorite, useful websites for Windows 8, too! Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  6. A brand new HP Intel Core i5 laptop with 6GB RAM I think it was. It came with a trial of Norton Internet Security that was never activated. Went to uninstall it from Uninstall Programs in the Control Panel here: See on right: Settings, Desktop, Control Panel, Personalization, PC info, Help. After uninstalling Norton, it looks closer to this: Now, that I see them both together I think I know what was happening. It looks like you get a totally different set of Settings links when you are on the Desktop than what you see when you are on the Start 'page'. Has anyo
  7. The Redmond crew is further alienating their greatest competitive advantage in the PC marketplace, their OEM partners. I think all the sharp marketing folks over there have either left the building or are running for cover with this one. It's going to be very hard in today's market to recover the level of participation and cooperation the Microsoft OEM Partner system once used to dominate the PC world.
  8. Here are three articles that can help you restore missing features in Windows 8 - without having to resort to using 3rd party programs to get that functionality back. Make Windows 8 boot straight to the desktop - TechRepublic These are some simple instructions for creating a task that will open Explorer on boot so you are immediately bypassing the Windows 8 simplistic start up page and go straight to the desktop. More details in the article. Rather than have it open Explorer every time I boot to get me to the Desktop, I just created a shortcut on the simplistic sta
  9. Back in 2004, one of our Highlanders, rbdietz posted the following thread on SNF about Adding modules to cleanmgr.exe. Does this still apply for Windows 8 as well? Of course, I am not talking Windows 8 RT since as a tablet OS, much of what is possible in real Desktop OSes may not be applicable unfortunately. Can anyone confirm this ability or it's modified ability for Windows 8 and link to any information about it? Thanks!
  10. Apps for Windows 8 easily hacked - H-Online I wondered about this. Especially after the vulnerabilities of the Gadget Platform on Windows 7 and Microsoft telling everyone to disable the Gadget Platform. (1,2,3,4) From the (2) link at ZDNet: And this from same article: Microsoft is telling people to totally disable the Gadget Platform, see the following as was noted in the (4) link at Microsoft TechNet: I have been disabling it on all client computers for months now as we have appts. I first became worried about Gadget Platform vulnerabilities
  11. This topic hopes to be a one stop shop for links to topics here in ATW and links around the web directly for Windows 8 tips, tricks and adding back missing features, etc. To make it easier to keep track of the links, please add your Tip, Trick or Instructions for Adding back missing features to Windows 8 in the main ATW forum. Admins/ATW Mods will then add the appropriate topics to this locked topic list. Tips and Tricks and Adding back missing features: Windows 8 - do it yourself - add back missing features (3 of them) - ATW So I have Windows 8, Now What? - Bits from Bill -
  12. Ed Bott has done two FAQs - so far - regarding upgrading to Windows 8. He has another coming soon. The ultimate Windows 8 upgrade FAQ - Part 1 - ZDNet - You've got questions about the Windows 8 upgrade. Can you burn the upgrade files to DVD or a USB flash drive? Is it possible to go from a 32-bit Windows PC to 64-bit? Who qualifies for cheap upgrades? I've got the answers you're looking for. Everything you need to know about Windows 8 upgrades (FAQ part 2) - ZDNet - Upgrading to Windows 8 is a straightforward process, but the details vary depending on your starting point. This second i
  13. I installed Windows 8 on Friday. I used the Upgrade Assistant, which analyzed my Windows 7 laptop, and then allowed me to buy and launch the upgrade immediately. One thing to realize is that it is VERY VERY VERY DIFFERENT from what you are used to if you have used any version of Windows before. That being said, the Start screen is really nice. It is customizeable and presents and organizes info very nicely. I'm sure you've all seen screenshots of W8 before. You can turn on live titles (can be seen in the NY Times app and the Weather app) and can also make most tiles large (to take
  14. Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 Windows Blog According to WindowsSecrets Newsletter: BOLD emphasis mine. At that price it would be great to get the upgrade and play around with one of the licenses in VirtualBox.
  15. This is a post I made on that other place but I wanted to share with you all. http://www.bit-tech....e-benchmarks/1 Yup Windows 8 is a real winner folks. Reboot times were very impressive in Windows 8, with the system able to perform a full reboot in just over 20 seconds. The Hybrid Boot feature appears to do its job well, as Windows 8 was able to reboot 5 seconds faster than Windows 7, being faster at both shutting down and booting. Yup a real winner. But there is a bit of bad news. That is a old game though so no worries there then. Who the
  16. Refining the recommended system requirements for Windows 8 - arstechnica Microsoft's listed requirements fall short for daily use. MUCH more in the article. In the article they mention at there are some PIIIs that actually are rated at 1Ghz but you wouldn't want to put yourself through the world of hurt to try to make it happen. Good point. To me, it is more a combo of items that have to meet the minimum specs. Like Windows 7, the graphics card is very important as is RAM and the CPU. Read on to investigate. However, the article also states that Windows 8 is actuall
  17. IDF: Intel says Clover Trail will not work with Linux - The Inquirer Banks on Microsoft's marketing for x86 tablet sales What happened to OS agnostic hardware, particularly processors and motherboards? We are back to this crap! Again! That is so old hat. It went out with Mandrake 7 Linux. What was what? 12 years ago? Or was it longer since I couldn't afford to upgrade my annoying 'Made for Windows" motherboard/processor for a couple years. I am SOOOO disappointed that Intel is turning back to being like this. They have been moving in the other direction for so long.
  18. Final thoughts on Windows 8: A design disaster - ZDNet Hardware 2.0 by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  19. Guest

    HP Slate 8

    HP Slate 8 Tablet Thinner Than iPad, Runs Windows 8 - eWeek HP 'Slate 8' Windows Tablet Details Surface - PCWorld Could this be HP's Windows 8 business slate? - ZDNet
  20. In short, there will be two x86/64 versions of Windows 8, simply Windows 8 and Windows Pro. There will also be Windows RT which is Windows on ARM or WOA. The chart at Announcing the Windows 8 Editions breaks down a starter list of key features by edition and upgrade path.
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