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Found 5 results

  1. abarbarian

    Why, hello there, Foxy...

    Online face interface minus the vendor lock-in More at the Mozilla site https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/hello/ I seem to remember posting about this before but can not find the thread. Oh well it looks to be worth mentioning again.
  2. Anyone using Skype with Linux since Aug 2014. If so what are you using as the Skype kit will no longer work with 3rd party utils. My son wants me to hook it up so he can talk to me. Mel
  3. abarbarian

    Firefox Hello

    https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/10/16/mozilla-and-telefonica-partner-to-simplify-voice-and-video-calls-on-the-web/ A very interesting development.
  4. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTUxOTc http://helpme.viber.com/ Never tried it but it looks pretty much the same as Skype without the Microsoft hook in.Might be worth a look.
  5. So I'm pretty new to the whole Linux game. A recent hardware failure prompted me to swtich to Linux from Windows 7 and thus far I have no intention of turning back. So let me begin by saying "hello!" I'm new to the forum and was recommended to visit by a forum friend. I feel having a great place for me to post my Linux question and learn would be here. I'm really loving the Linux experience. So, I know you probably would prefer me to make several threads for all of my issues, but I honestly feel it'd be much more efficient to do it in one thread, tackling each issue once one is completed or we reach a dead end. Please read the bolded print that is located below this first section. First the non-issues, minor issues and questions: 1a) How secure is Linux? Is it necessary to have a firewall, anti-spyware engine and anti-virus engine running actively? Am I okay with a scan-once engine (I've downloaded ClamTK)? If I need to, do most anti-virus scanners that are online (such as Trend Micro and Virus Total) work with Linux? Does Linux have a 'safe mode' wherein I can remove harmful files without risk of them executing? Finally, ClamTK likes to report all the files on my old Windows-based Hard Disks as suspicious or harmful, I'm guessing that it does not like Windows files, how can I get ClamTK to ignore false-positives like that? 2a) How dependable is LibreOffice's grammar and spell-check? No offence, but I always conisdered MS Office to have an absolute authority on when it was correcting something, and I don't trust whoever developed LibreOffice to make a decent spell-check. Is LibreOffice equal to, better than or worse than OpenOffice? 3a)How can I get FireFox to display the sites I want for its 9-block most visited site feature? Similarly: Most of the thumbnails aren't displaying, how can I fix that? 4) What's the most important thing I should know as a Linux user? Especially in comparison to Windows 7. 5) What is the Linux equivalent of a Blue Screen of Death and how can I diagnose those issues? 6) Why can I not modify the attributes of files within my mounted devices (ie hard drives) 7) Windows 7 automatically defragments your hard drive. Does Linux do this and is it necessary to manually defrag, or does Linux not have fragmentation issues? 8) There's a feature in Windows 7 called the Snipping Tool, this is the second most useful feature for me, is there a Linux equivalent? If not, is it legal to see if I can get the Snipping Tool to work with Wine so I can run it? 9) Thunderbird will not download any folder besides the inbox for my outlook.com account, how can I set it up to display some or all of my folders? Similarly: I've never used a client-based e-mail program, is it less secure than a server-sided one? 10)The Scroll bar in any window is much too small for me, how can I increase the size of the scroll bar? 11) When something crashes and the system asks me to send a report, does the report contain any personal information other than system specifications? 12) Does the system autoupdate like Windows 7? Do I need to collect important updates myself? Thank you very much for any answers, or attempts. I understand this is a very long list, but I think it's better than having 12 seperate threads. Now onto the bigger, more pressing issues. If you have limited time to respond or do not feel like reading everything, at least help with one of the below issues as they are far more important. 1b) I followed the instructions from this siteand everything goes fine until the last part where it tells me to add the .xml file. I cannot find the file in the file browser, it simply will not display, likely because it is not a picture file. How can I get the script to work? Alternatively: How can I get the effect of this to work? the *BEST* feature of Windows 7 was the desktop gallery! 2b) I'm desperately trying to get League of Legends to work in Wine (I installed and run it via PlayOnLinux) however when I play, no textures at all load. Everything that would have a model or texture is black. I've got S3TC enabled. I've got Wine 1.4 I think, and latest POL. see Edit 3b)My microphone does not seem to want to function. I use Skype a lot, so to my dismay I had found that I could not make Skype calls as I heard no sound and no one heard me. However during that time, in Mumble, I sounded fine and everywhere else I heard sound fine. I saw that removing pulseaudio and installing something else (I think it was esound or something) only made things worse. Attempting to reinstall pulse didn't fix the problem and now in Skype, my mic isn't picked up at all, just silence. In Mumble and in the Voice Recorder my voice isn't picked up and it sounds like listening to white noise. I used to have two mic ports, however one broke (the front, I use the back). Fiddling with the audio settings with the Terminal (I forgot the name of the command that lets you fiddle with various sound settings, my apologies) returned no results whatsoever. Thanks again in advance for any and all help. Again, I know it may be better to sort these into multiple threads, however this would grately slow down the problem solving process. Besides, Google and internal search results will point to this thread anyway. Edit: It has come to my attention that my friend who uses 12.10 in Windows with Virtual Box / Virtualization can run this specific game without issue. Perhaps this will help anyone in trying to diagnose my issue of poor gaming performance and other glitches?
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