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Found 12 results

  1. This morning I installed a New to me Distro called Peach IOS. It is based on Ubuntu and Debian. The install went OK, but was a little slow about 25 minutes. After the install Everything went faster. It recognized all of my Hardware and set the right screen rez on my 26 inch HDTV Monitor. (Need a bigger screen for these old eyes). I have to say I really like this Distro. I like it as well as my primary one, which is Mint Cinnamon. If you multi boot like I do you will like the Grub that is installed with this Distro. The Distro you choose from the grub menu at boot up, becomes the default until
  2. ross549

    iOS Security- Done right?

    Much has been said recently with the release of the 2014 white paper iOS Security by Apple. It is not a super difficult read, but I am not a cryptography guy, so some of it is well above my head. From what I've been able to glean, however, is that Apple is 100% behind security and privacy in iOS. It is not a long read, and I encourage everyone to take a look. iMessage security as well as Touch ID is covered as well. Steve Gibson did a bit of a deep dive into the white paper, and he had some interesting things to say about Apple's claims. You can see his report on Security Now b
  3. If you are a LinkedIn user with an iPhone or iPad, you should do some research before using/opting in to Intro app for email. I searched "linkedin intro security" and found a bunch of write-ups of the security risks and questionable practices built in to Intro.
  4. Neil P

    iOS Apps

    There are hundreds of thousands of iOS apps, which ones do you use most? signifies the app is universal. All other are iPhone/iPod Touch apps unless specified Quora (Free; Requires free website account) - Very easy way to view and interact with Quora (http://www.quora.com/) on the go Tweetbot ($2.99; Requires free website account) - The best Twitter app there is, especially since the official Twitter app was eviscerated Netflix (Free; Requires paid subscription) - Netflix on the go, works over 3G. Killer on data if you use it a lot (I have unlimited though). Retina display makes it
  5. Neil P

    I switched to Android

    I think I've decided as of now that I'm going to buy an Android phone next time around. I'm eligible for an upgrade in December, I think. So it's still a ways away for me. But I'm making the decision now. As of today, I'd probably go with a Galaxy S4* since the S3 is supposedly such a good phone. If Google puts out a new Nexus phone (the 4 came out in November, right?) by then maybe I'll go for that. The reason I don't want the 4 is because I really want an LTE phone and from what I've seen it's HSPA+ (or what AT&T calls 4G but isn't LTE**). It's a very tempting phone though. Maybe I'll he
  6. Why can’t Siri announce caller name - BambisMusings Blog
  7. Reports surface on issues with recent iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini - ZDNet
  8. Ada Lovelace would be 197 years old today, December 10th. She was born in 1815! And is one of the Great Women in Tech, even though she never saw a real computer! Much more in my BambisMusings Blog posting here. She was an amazing mathematician and writer! Happy Birthday Ada Lovelace!
  9. http://blogs.compute...nterface-design Jony Ive, the guy who has designed most of the Apple hardware since the iMac (actually before that, to the Newton even), will be in charge of "human interface" while the iOS development will go to the same guy who leads OS X (I'm not sure if he was promoted to OS X at the same time, or has been in charge of it and they're just adding iOS to it). Forstall was forced out after being the public face for the Maps debacle in iOS 6, and the Siri...disappointment, I guess. From the article, and I've seen it in a few other places too, the final straw was
  10. Neil P

    iPhone 5

    On Tuesday, 12 September, Apple is holding an event. It is very widely speculated (and almost certain) that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the event. It's not clear if they'll call it "iPhone 5" or "the new iPhone" (as they did with the latest iPad), but the invitation has a "5" in the shadow. Gizmodo has a roundup of all of the rumors so far: http://gizmodo.com/5...up?tag=iphone-5 The screen is supposedly 4 inches (the old phones have a 3.5in display) at 16:9 ratio. And using a thinner (and more magic) display that will enable less power usage. The biggest change to me seems to
  11. Google Acquires iOS/Mac Email Client Sparrow, Apps To Remain Available But Development Stopped - TechCrunch
  12. [http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/ The biggest new feature, in my opinion (and I guess Apple's, because they lead with it), is Maps. In iOS6, Google Maps is out and in its place is a new in-house Map application. Maybe the most useful feature of Maps will be turn-by-turn directions, which feature live traffic (and re-routing based on traffic conditions) and (I believe) Siri control. Which is actually the next thing featured, Siri: Gone is the restriction to open apps, which I thought was weird. Just like iOS5 added Twitter support, iOS6 will add Facebook support: Photo Stre
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