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Found 21 results

  1. abarbarian


    Surfin as you do, I chanced upon this titbit, https://openlibra.com/en/collection/search/category/ubunchu_spanish_magazine A magna all about Ubuntu. How quaint, but only five episodes --- hmmmm there must be more. A search threw up this very interesting article about Ubuntu in popular culture media. 2004 to 20.04 LTS: Ubuntu in popular culture Interesting but not that much information on ubunchu. Maybe Wikipedia can help, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubunchu! Plenty of information but no more episodes to read. Only one of the three links at the bottom of the site was any use, English translations (chapters 9-14) Ah ha this site has episodes from 9 to 14 and a link to the first eight found at the original translation site. https://gitlab.com/ubunchu-translators/ubunchu At this site you can download one .pdf file with episodes 1 to 8 in English and Japanese. I use GV for reading PDF's. As to translating episode 15 and the extras it seems that there is some hope as there is still interest as of 2021 at a ubunchu translation site, https://groups.google.com/g/ubunchu-translators/c/q_uISc4czYo So I can get to read chapters 1 to 14 but only with some fiddling around. Can I find a way to easily do this ? Maybe this site will solve the problem, https://archive.org/details/ubunchu-ch-1-11/page/n1/mode/2up So so close but no banana. Only 11 chapters. Maybe someone will upload the missing three one day. Finally one site to view all chapters You do have to scroll through the chapter which is a bit of a pain on a normal monitor. Luckily for me with one click I can alter my monitor to suit such a task. So there you are folks yet another bit of obscure penguin lore. Happy reading folks. Oh yes if you do decide to read the manga then this tip will be useful.
  2. mkpenczkowski

    Slow Mac

    Hi, I recently bought a new Mac because my old one was stolen. My old one ran fine and did not have any problems, but the new one is very very slow. Its all the time not just when I first start it and popups come up a lot too.
  3. but it's NOT made by Apple! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/01/08/ik_mulitimedia_iring_gets_hand_in_first_for_ios_motion_control/ You can be certain if Apple made the ring it would cost at least £100. Also I wonder how long it will be before Apple try to get them to change the name. Lets hope that they can be used with non Apple products as it sounds like a really funky gadget.
  4. Guest

    Gatekeeper override

    I just found out that I can override (on a given application, not changing settings to everything in regard to the Gatekeeper settings. I didn't realize we could do that. I thought it was just the three choices. Period. Nice to know you don't actually have to change it to everything! Thanks go to Genex17 at BleepingComputer!
  5. Guest

    WWDC 2013

    WWDC 2013 Starts at: 10AM PT, 1PM ET today - June 10, 2013 Keynote will be streamed at apple.com Live From Apple’s WWDC 2013 Keynote - TechCrunch
  6. Apple unveils new and interactive Mac Pro site - TUAW Yep, you read that right ... Mac Pro site
  7. Reports surface on issues with recent iOS 6.0.2 update for iPhone 5 and iPad mini - ZDNet
  8. iTunes Store unavailable 10:36AM ET December 5, 2012 Anyone else experiencing this? I tried to get an update from the iTunes Store both through iTunes and through my iPhone 4S and it says to try later that the iTunes Store is unavailable. Weird. It happened twice as well just since the move to iTunes 11. This is not in Windows which is listed here. This is on Mac OS X 10.7.5 and iOS 6.0.1.
  9. New 'Dockster' malware targets Apple computers - Computerworld Dockster Mac malware found on Dalai Lama-related website - Sophos - NakedSecurity
  10. From @Macworld article. I knew that newest Mac Mini would be killer! Want one!
  11. http://blogs.compute...nterface-design Jony Ive, the guy who has designed most of the Apple hardware since the iMac (actually before that, to the Newton even), will be in charge of "human interface" while the iOS development will go to the same guy who leads OS X (I'm not sure if he was promoted to OS X at the same time, or has been in charge of it and they're just adding iOS to it). Forstall was forced out after being the public face for the Maps debacle in iOS 6, and the Siri...disappointment, I guess. From the article, and I've seen it in a few other places too, the final straw was Forstall refusing to sign the apology Apple released a bit ago. Forstall said at WWDC that the Maps were the best ever, and things like that. So basically this was a huge shakeup at Apple, moving execs and departments around.
  12. Let me say this right at the start. This is a purely personal evaluation of the merits of the Apple and Android technosystems, what they offer and how they meet my needs. I'm not attempting to fan the flames of the larger Apple/Android conflict among users. Each environment has its advantages and disadvantages. I believe the only meaningful method for determining which is best for us is to examine our particular needs and experiment to find out which system provides us the best user experience. My time online is pretty evenly split between content creation and consumption. While some evenings may be spent doing nothing better than keeping up with my friends on Google+, FriendFeed or forums I'm a member of, other times I'm writing for my blogs, responding to email messages or doing maintenance work on a website. I expect my tablet and desktop computers to allow me to both consume and create. My phone on the other hand, besides being a basic communications device, is primarily used for consumption. I tried blogging from my HTC EVO once and it was a frustrating experience I don't intend to repeat. Both the screen and keyboard are too small to allow any serious work to be done. I love the tablet as a mobile device. I've had a variety of laptops over the years, and while I thought my Acer netbook was an ideal size and offered just the functionality I desired, I've found that tablets are even more ideal for my purposes. Until recently my experience with tablets was limited to iPads. The on-screen keyboard is comfortable and with practice almost as easy to use as the keyboard on my desktop. Cut and paste along with drag and drop aren't as simple as with a laptop or desktop, but for basic writing and editing the iPad has been adequate. Lately though I've been thinking about the advantages of having a unified environment for all my computing devices; smartphone, tablet and desktop. Synchronization of notes, schedules, calendars and apps is very useful and makes my daily life much more organized. My desktop computer and my current tablet are both Apple products, while my phone is an Android. Only a few of my apps, like Dropbox, Google calendar and Kindle, can synch between all three devices. So if I wanted to unify all my devices into one environment I had to decide if I wanted to go with Apple or Android. Since I really enjoy my Android phone I decided to look into getting an Android tablet and accepting that my desktop would be the outlier. I had a little extra money last week from a combination of extra hours and overtime at work and, based on the recommendations of my friends on Google+, purchased a Nexus 7 16GB tablet and listed my iPad for sale on Craigslist at what I felt was a fair price. If I decided to keep the Android tablet I wouldn't need the iPad, and the money I got for it would offset the purchase of the Nexus. The Nexus 7 livd up to the hype I've read online. It's a solid device and the Jelly Bean version of the operating system makes using an Android tablet a joy. Synchronization with my Google applications and my phone was effortless. Where the Nexus failed to impress me was in the size of the screen and the available apps that would allow me to use the tablet as I needed. Likely because I'm nearly 60 and my eyesight isn't what it used to be, the 7" form factor is a bit too small for comfortably reading text. I was constantly having to expand the view even on sites optimized for mobile viewing, which then would push some of the content off the screen, forcing me to scroll left and right as well as up and down. That makes reading almost any blog or website a real PITA. I also found very few apps that allowed me to post to blogs or create webpages. After three days of doing my best to make the Nexus fill my needs I returned it and cancelled the ad for my iPad. It so happens that my current two-year contract with Sprint comes to an end in October and I'm eligible for a discount on another phone. While I really like my EVO it's too old to qualify for an upgrade to its OS, so selecting another model is necessary if I want to take advantage of a modern mobile OS. Since I've decided the iPad meets my needs for a mobile computer better than the Android alternative, perhaps it is time to consider an iPhone. This would make my desktop Mac, my iPad and phone all able to work together. It so happens that Sprint is offering a remanufactured iPhone 4S with my current plan for no cost when factoring in the credit I'll get for sending them my EVO in exchange (I'm a big fan of remanufactured hardware and recommend it as a low cost option when my friends are considering a major electronics purchase. Most remanufactured units are in better condition than those fresh off the assembly line). That's the option I've decided to go with, and as an added bonus Sprint is sending my phone overnight via UPS at no additional charge. So I'm going from a less-than-satisfactory mixed OS environment to a completely Apple experience. I still like the Android system. In fact I strongly suspect that in two more years when I'm ready for a new phone or tablet I might just choose to change over to Android. By then there might even be a Linux based phone and tablet available to complicate my decision. On a philosophical level I support the open source Linux and Android system over the closed Apple one. But philosophy doesn't help me accomplish what I need to do on the computer. And that's the bottom line for me; not what's popular at the moment or what I wish I could afford but rather what I can afford that meets my computing needs.
  13. Neil P

    iPhone 5

    On Tuesday, 12 September, Apple is holding an event. It is very widely speculated (and almost certain) that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the event. It's not clear if they'll call it "iPhone 5" or "the new iPhone" (as they did with the latest iPad), but the invitation has a "5" in the shadow. Gizmodo has a roundup of all of the rumors so far: http://gizmodo.com/5...up?tag=iphone-5 The screen is supposedly 4 inches (the old phones have a 3.5in display) at 16:9 ratio. And using a thinner (and more magic) display that will enable less power usage. The biggest change to me seems to be the new connector. Instead of the 30 pin connector that has been used in...everything, they'll move to a 19 pin connector. The iPhone 5 will almost certainly be LTE-capable. Also, there have been reports that Sharp, a supplier of screens for the device, was having issues meeting Apple's demand. Either the iPhone 5 will be (more) scarce (than usual) at launch, or the launch will be further out than usual. Or both. And of course, it will feature iOS 6. But we already know about that from WWDC this year. All of this was taken from the Gizmodo link. They have a ton of links to other reports and pictures. Unfortunately I won't be getting a 5, since I just upgraded to the 4S in May (since I broke my 4 ) and I'm not paying $600 for a phone when I don't need it. $200 is bad enough!
  14. [http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/ The biggest new feature, in my opinion (and I guess Apple's, because they lead with it), is Maps. In iOS6, Google Maps is out and in its place is a new in-house Map application. Maybe the most useful feature of Maps will be turn-by-turn directions, which feature live traffic (and re-routing based on traffic conditions) and (I believe) Siri control. Which is actually the next thing featured, Siri: Gone is the restriction to open apps, which I thought was weird. Just like iOS5 added Twitter support, iOS6 will add Facebook support: Photo Stream gets improvements: Maybe this is good, but I've never used Photo Stream, or really understood it. A new app was introduced, Passbook. Sounds kind of neat, but I believe there are apps that do this already. Not unlike Apple to take a good idea though. Facetime will be usable over cellular data. The phone is getting a few new features: The interface is like the current lock screen showing the camera icon. Slide up for more options. Mail and Safari get a few minor (IMO) upgrades, Find My iPhone gets a "Lost" mode, Find My Friends adds location-based alerts, and the stores (iTunes, App Store, iBookstore) all get facelifts. Seems a little underwhelming to me, but iOS is already in a pretty polished state and just needs a few tweaks here and there. I would have liked to seen some new features in Messages, and they could have stolen/borrowed/taken ideas from BiteSMS, which is a messaging app for jailbroken devices.
  15. The ‘ole Conficker worm still infecting PCs years later - FransComputerServices Blog
  16. Apple offers free Snow Leopard to help migrate MobileMe users to iCloud - Arstechnica
  17. New, sneakier Flashback malware infects Macs Computerworld More at the 2 page article at Computerworld above. I did a follow up article about this on my FransComputerServices Blog here with some alternatives to heavy handed antivirus programs with real time scanning. At least at this time with Macs.
  18. What Amazon's ebook strategy means - antipope.org By Charlie Stross Very interesting article.
  19. Lessons for IT, Apple in Flashback brouhaha - Computerworld It's clear that OS X is now a target of malware purveyors By Ryan Faas April 16, 2012 06:54 AM ET Excellent and well rounded article by Ryan Faas. He doesn't pull any punches which is I think a good thing. This type of article is very important if Apple is to grow up in this malware infested world we live in. They need to be open, honest, and quick to respond. ALWAYS! This is the type of scrutiny Microsoft had to endure when it was being foolish about malware in the beginning as well.
  20. Guest

    Mac Antivirus software

    Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition - Free antivirus that works simply and beautifully That's one free one, and of course there is the Free VirusBarrier (non realtime scanning) available in the Mac AppStore as well as the full blown VirusBarrier for what is it $69? And there is the ClamXav for free as well (also non realtime scanning. I would have listed Symantec but I am seeing too many issues with Lion and Snow Leopard right now. Any others?
  21. Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher to cover Apple from 1971 to 2000, filming starts next month - The Verge
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