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Found 15 results

  1. abarbarian

    Bionic Reading?

    What Is Bionic Reading? Came across this technique and thought I would give it a go as me eyesight is not as good as it once was. The article recommends " Bionic Reading " for Chrome but gives no suggestion for FireFox. However I did find " Bionic Reader " which although offered by a different developer seems to be an exact copy of 'Bionic Reading'. Bionic Reading for Chrome Bionic Reader for FireFox I gave 'Bionic Reader' a try out on FireFox but found that there were too many customisation options for me. I did try fiddling around with the settings and could see how useful it may be if you were up to spending time customising it to fit yourself. Putting me off keeping it installed was the fact that I could find no way to place a icon on the toolbar. Poking around the FireFox add-on site I found " Smart Reader " which as far as I can see does not have any customisation settings. It does almost have the same fault as ' Bionic Reading ', there is an icon for the tool bar but when the tool is turned off you can hardly see it, turned on and you can see the icon. ' Smart Reader ' only highlights the first letter of every word apart from words with two or less letters. Smart Reader for FireFox Smart Reader for Chrome I found that 'Smart Reader' does seem to make reading somewhat easier. FireFox has an inbuilt reader view accessed through (Ctrl+Alt+R) which I find very useful along with the zoom controls using either or both of those makes reading web pages much more pleasant and easier on the eye. A combination of 'reader view' and 'Smart Reader' is very acceptable for me. You have to start 'Smart Reader' before starting 'reader view' for it to work. One thing to take note of. When using 'Smart Reader' or 'Bionic Reading' in Chrome or Fire Fox the tool has the ability to record every web page and all the information you use on web pages. Like passwords and usernames etc. Both developers state that they do not collect any information or sell it or pass it on to third parties. So it may be best to just use the tool with caution. For instance I only switch them on when I have found a long article to read and switch it of again when finished reading.
  2. abarbarian

    Firejail .....

    This looks very interesting and has a Arch package in the AUR.I am typing this from a firejail firefox. https://l3net.wordpr...jects/firejail/ https://l3net.wordpr...ozilla-firefox/ https://l3net.wordpr...bilities-guide/ There are quite a few pages of stuff to read and some of the comments are worth a read aswell.Of interest is the fact that you can run VLC-without internet access (or similar program) and also isolate programs like the TorBrowser and Dropbox. I ran a quick comparison opening up FF with a page with video running and it does not seem to use up any more cpu or ram than a normal FF.
  3. Just found this interesting and vast guide to reducing outgoing tracking data from Firefox. It's in the form of a user.js file which you could deploy altogether, or select particular items and edit them with about:config. Firefox does appear to send various data out and most of us probably don't need the functionality this data supports. Who ever used "Pocket" for instance? https://gist.github.com/MrYar/751e0e5f3f1430db7ec5a8c8aa237b72
  4. V.T. Eric Layton

    Firefox 54 Goes Multi-thread

    The search for the Goldilocks browser and why Firefox might be “just right” for you Multi-process Firefox is fast like other browsers, but won’t suck up memory and slow down your computer as Chrome will sometimes do.
  5. --- Well, it's come to this... I've been using Chromium in Slackware64-14.1 for quite a few years, but last October/November a new version came out that just refuses to run on my system. It crashes about 15 seconds after startup with "segmentation fault" error. I've spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting this. I run .txz SlackBuilds from Alien Bob's (+Eric Hameleers) repos. The last version that can run on my system is chromium-52.0.2743.82-x86_64-1alien. I thought maybe that I would wait a few more versions since this problem started to try it again. Well, today I installed the newest version (54.x) and experienced the exact same issue that I had with 53.x back in Oct/Nov. I even ran it with a brand new, vanilla chromium profile. No joy. So, starting today, I guess I'll be running Firefox as my primary browser. The ol' Chromium 52.x is getting too many warnings from websites regarding its age and security issues. I have my FF set up to look and behave very similarly to my Chromium. One thing that I can say in favor of FF... the font rendering is AWESOME compared to that of Chromium. Narrow fonts in FF are sharp/dark, easily readable; not so much in Chromium. Anyway, I'll miss Chromium, but it is what it is... ---
  6. abarbarian


    https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libeatmydata/ I have been concerned about the time Fire Fox takes to load and run in my Arch 64. Slow is not the word for it. I chanced upon this neat program "eatmydata". now I love funkily named programs so I had to give it a whirl. Wow what a difference. FF now loads as quickly as Chromium and the web pages load nearly as fast too. I do not save any history or form information in FF and use automatic saving of bookmarks via Xmarks so I do not think I am in any danger of loosing anything important by using eatmydata. You should be aware that eatmydata carries some risk so you should only use it in circumstances where you do not mind some data loss if the universe ends suddenly. Home site https://www.flamingspork.com/projects/libeatmydata/ Man page (Ubuntu) http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/eatmydata.1.html A real life example Speeding up Digikam’s face recognition (with risks) Now I am not 100% sure what this program does or how it affects my system.I am after all a barbarian not a geek. So if anyone can give me some guidance in plain speak I would be most grateful. Here is a screenshot of my Zim wiki,
  7. abarbarian

    Why, hello there, Foxy...

    Online face interface minus the vendor lock-in More at the Mozilla site https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/hello/ I seem to remember posting about this before but can not find the thread. Oh well it looks to be worth mentioning again.
  8. I have been having terrible performance issues with Flash plugin for a very long time. It crashed almost every time I try to play something. This was happening in Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Konqueror, pretty much every browser. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, downgrade to older version, compile my own from source, and just about anything else that was recommended by the experts at Google search results. I now have it "fixed". It only crashes about 50% of the time, unless I am playing an embedded video where it crashes over 75% of the time. How did I accomplish this, you ask? I installed Mozilla's experimental browser Aurora, and keep it up to date with nightly builds. Who knew bleeding edge would be more stable than "stable"?
  9. So I'm pretty new to the whole Linux game. A recent hardware failure prompted me to swtich to Linux from Windows 7 and thus far I have no intention of turning back. So let me begin by saying "hello!" I'm new to the forum and was recommended to visit by a forum friend. I feel having a great place for me to post my Linux question and learn would be here. I'm really loving the Linux experience. So, I know you probably would prefer me to make several threads for all of my issues, but I honestly feel it'd be much more efficient to do it in one thread, tackling each issue once one is completed or we reach a dead end. Please read the bolded print that is located below this first section. First the non-issues, minor issues and questions: 1a) How secure is Linux? Is it necessary to have a firewall, anti-spyware engine and anti-virus engine running actively? Am I okay with a scan-once engine (I've downloaded ClamTK)? If I need to, do most anti-virus scanners that are online (such as Trend Micro and Virus Total) work with Linux? Does Linux have a 'safe mode' wherein I can remove harmful files without risk of them executing? Finally, ClamTK likes to report all the files on my old Windows-based Hard Disks as suspicious or harmful, I'm guessing that it does not like Windows files, how can I get ClamTK to ignore false-positives like that? 2a) How dependable is LibreOffice's grammar and spell-check? No offence, but I always conisdered MS Office to have an absolute authority on when it was correcting something, and I don't trust whoever developed LibreOffice to make a decent spell-check. Is LibreOffice equal to, better than or worse than OpenOffice? 3a)How can I get FireFox to display the sites I want for its 9-block most visited site feature? Similarly: Most of the thumbnails aren't displaying, how can I fix that? 4) What's the most important thing I should know as a Linux user? Especially in comparison to Windows 7. 5) What is the Linux equivalent of a Blue Screen of Death and how can I diagnose those issues? 6) Why can I not modify the attributes of files within my mounted devices (ie hard drives) 7) Windows 7 automatically defragments your hard drive. Does Linux do this and is it necessary to manually defrag, or does Linux not have fragmentation issues? 8) There's a feature in Windows 7 called the Snipping Tool, this is the second most useful feature for me, is there a Linux equivalent? If not, is it legal to see if I can get the Snipping Tool to work with Wine so I can run it? 9) Thunderbird will not download any folder besides the inbox for my outlook.com account, how can I set it up to display some or all of my folders? Similarly: I've never used a client-based e-mail program, is it less secure than a server-sided one? 10)The Scroll bar in any window is much too small for me, how can I increase the size of the scroll bar? 11) When something crashes and the system asks me to send a report, does the report contain any personal information other than system specifications? 12) Does the system autoupdate like Windows 7? Do I need to collect important updates myself? Thank you very much for any answers, or attempts. I understand this is a very long list, but I think it's better than having 12 seperate threads. Now onto the bigger, more pressing issues. If you have limited time to respond or do not feel like reading everything, at least help with one of the below issues as they are far more important. 1b) I followed the instructions from this siteand everything goes fine until the last part where it tells me to add the .xml file. I cannot find the file in the file browser, it simply will not display, likely because it is not a picture file. How can I get the script to work? Alternatively: How can I get the effect of this to work? the *BEST* feature of Windows 7 was the desktop gallery! 2b) I'm desperately trying to get League of Legends to work in Wine (I installed and run it via PlayOnLinux) however when I play, no textures at all load. Everything that would have a model or texture is black. I've got S3TC enabled. I've got Wine 1.4 I think, and latest POL. see Edit 3b)My microphone does not seem to want to function. I use Skype a lot, so to my dismay I had found that I could not make Skype calls as I heard no sound and no one heard me. However during that time, in Mumble, I sounded fine and everywhere else I heard sound fine. I saw that removing pulseaudio and installing something else (I think it was esound or something) only made things worse. Attempting to reinstall pulse didn't fix the problem and now in Skype, my mic isn't picked up at all, just silence. In Mumble and in the Voice Recorder my voice isn't picked up and it sounds like listening to white noise. I used to have two mic ports, however one broke (the front, I use the back). Fiddling with the audio settings with the Terminal (I forgot the name of the command that lets you fiddle with various sound settings, my apologies) returned no results whatsoever. Thanks again in advance for any and all help. Again, I know it may be better to sort these into multiple threads, however this would grately slow down the problem solving process. Besides, Google and internal search results will point to this thread anyway. Edit: It has come to my attention that my friend who uses 12.10 in Windows with Virtual Box / Virtualization can run this specific game without issue. Perhaps this will help anyone in trying to diagnose my issue of poor gaming performance and other glitches?
  10. abarbarian


    http://www.ghostery.com/ Neat add-on, Well worth a look.
  11. Firefox 14 Launches With Secure Search - WebProNews Much security fixes etc noted as well. It's not a big update but some fine additions, changes, fixes. And there's more to come! Firefox 15 Will Finally Fix Memory Leaks Caused By Add-Ons - WebProNews Finally!!! Thank you Mozilla Firefox Team!
  12. V.T. Eric Layton

    Some COOL Extensions for FF and TB

    I recently added some extensions in FF and TB that are pretty cool. I thought I'd post about them here in case anyone was interested... Old Default Image Style 1.0 - FF - This extension reverts back to the older style "view image" in Firefox. The newer FF centers the image on the page with a black background. In older versions, there was no centering and the image was on a plain white background page. I'm talking here about when you RIGHT click on an image on a website and choose "View Image" from the context menu. Theme and Font Size Changer 5.3 - FF and/or TB - This extension allows you to change the colors, fonts, and font sizes within the FF and TB interfaces regardless of the settings of your desktop/windows manager. QuickFox Notes 2.7.3 - FF and/or TB - This cool little extension adds a note pad/sticky note application to either your FF or your TB. I use it in TB for everyday "don't forget the milk and bread" type notes. It's pretty cool, I think. Have FUN!
  13. Mozilla Firefox 12.0 and Thunderbird 12.0 have been pushed out and I updated to both yesterday. They are working very well so far. No problems with any of the Extensions I use with Firefox 12.0 or Thunderbird 12.0, however Lightning 1.3 was updated to Lightning 1.4 during the install when it checked for updates to extensions. All going quite well. But I was careful too. I backed up my bookmarks .json for Firefox and copied my entire Thunderbird profile just to be sure. But it all went very well!
  14. Firefox skirts Windows security feature to make silent updates happen - Computerworld I love Firefox and would love to see it be able to keep their users updated with the least amount of fuss, however, I am not sure this is a wise move at all. I am not at all sure Microsoft should allow this because of the potential for malware purveyors to do the same. Or am I missing something? Are there any other programs that can auto update without being trapped by UAC first? YES! Google Chrome has been doing it since it started. OK, must be OK if it's worked out well for Google Chrome all this time.
  15. Thank you JMichael, Evernote Mac user! How to Fix Firefox Spellcheck Here's the quote:
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