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  1. An updated installation guide with screenshots based on the new installation media 2012.08.04 from Evaggelos Balskas.
  2. More fun and tinkering for us Archers https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Font_Configuration https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fonts URL: http://www.archlinux.org/news/fontconfig-2101-update-manual-intervention-required/
  3. ...How I Totally Borked My Arch Installation and Learned to Love the Bomb Hokee-dokee, folks... Since I can't seem to get auto-mounting to work anymore on my Arch installation and I'm still getting those annoying NOHZ soft_irq errors, I believe I'll completely convert my Arch installation from inits over to systemd today. If all goes well... YAY! If not, there are other remedies. Stay tuned for the updates...
  4. From Nocturnal Slacker v1.0: https://noctslackv1.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/x-file-explorer-todays-featured-application/
  5. For those using netcfg in Arch Linux: Florian Pritz wrote:
  6. Tom Gundersen wrote: URL: http://www.archlinux.org/news/pkgstats-now-collects-modules-usage/
  7. In yet another of what I'm sure are simple questions: I am using XFCE4 (4.10) as my desktop environment in Arch. When I click on the "Web Browser" shortcut in the dock, it asks, every time, what application to use. I want it to use google-chrome. I select it. On startup, Chrome says "Chrome isn't your default browser, would you like it to be" (or whatever the message is), I say yes, make default. On subsequent relaunches, I go through the same thing. The setting never sticks. Setting it through Settings -> Preferred Applications doesn't matter either. What am I doing wrong? Is it a permissions thing? I don't even know where to look. Searching google just takes me to the documentation on how it's supposed to work.
  8. V.T. Eric Layton

    systemd and Arch Linux

    Well, I'll tell you folks like it is... Recently, Arch made some major changes in how their distribution handles hardware management. Currently, they are simultaneously offering udev (now within the new systemd-tools package) and systemd in the Core repos. For those of you not familiar with systemd, you should read here --> https://wiki.archlin...dex.php/Systemd To be blunt, I don't like what I see coming down the pike for Arch. I believe that systemd implementation will be an absolute nightmare. I'm no Linux guru, but after reading how systemd works and how utterly different it is from current methods that the majority of distributions are using, I'm not too thrilled with this "improvement". I believe it may be time for me to say so long to Arch. It's been fun. I don't have any major criticisms. Arch is a fabulous distribution. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and learning things. However, I'm no young Linux whipper-snapper these days. I kinda' like old and trustworthy over new and exciting. I'll probably continue to have Arch as a tester somewhere on one of my systems, but I won't be depending on it as my backup OS anymore. This change may be taking place soon. We'll see.
  9. I received a notice when updating via yaourt today that one of my favorite and often used apps, xarchiver, has been removed from Extra and is now only being updated via AUR. With this in mind, and not wanting to continue to receive the orphan notices when updating, I reinstalled via yaourt. All's well now.
  10. I get this error when attempting to start the app from the command line: mousepad: error while loading shared libraries: libxfce4util.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory What now?
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