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The Imgur Apocalypse - coming soon the Missing Link


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Something Awful is racing to save the best and worst of web history



It’s easy to forget how fragile the internet’s memory is, but last month, members of the Something Awful forums got a rude reminder. Ubiquitous image host Imgur announced it would be deleting nudity and pornography starting in mid-May and, along with it, “old, unused, and inactive content” not linked to an account. The wording was so vague nobody knew exactly what that meant. But the worst-case scenario was obvious: an unceremonious purge of images from one of the longest-running communities on the web.



Something Awful has a long and notorious past, and much of its nearly 25-year history is told through pictures. The site is one of the fountainheads of our modern visual internet, responsible, among other things, for latter-day cryptid Slender Man and the rise of cheezburger-loving Happy Cat. It’s a place defined by the constant remixing of strange and funny images, encouraged by traditions like Photoshop Phriday, a recurring showcase for creative digital manipulation.


The Imgur Apocalypse Is Going to Break Large Parts of the Internet



It’s not just porn that’s getting deleted from Imgur. Millions of images that are embedded elsewhere will also eventually be taken down.







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