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Lo-fi Hip-hop Girl - 660 million views plus on YouTube !!!!!!


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How listening to uninterrupted noise helped millions to focus


Lofi Girl is a nonstop playlist of “lofi beats,” set to a video animation of a student working at her desk. Lofi (low fidelity) beats are soft hip-hop rhythms with no vocals, optimized to engender calm and focus. The images of the student, made by Colombian artist Juan Pablo Machado, are also vital to the channel’s purpose. As day passes into night, the cityscape changes, a cat wags its tail, and Lofi Girl keeps writing as the beat goes on.



Lofi Girl also provides a more satisfactory answer to suggestions that we should simply ignore digital distractions. Tyler Lok, a fan from Salt Lake City, says the effect of the Internet on our minds is that interruptions can only be turned “off” if something else is “on.”

“We occupy ourselves with stimulation constantly... to the point that our brains begin to lose the ability to be bored,” says Lok. “Streams [like Lofi Girl] allow us to stay plugged into digital stimulation and still get some work done.”





This generator turns you into international icon™ Lo-fi Hip-hop Girl



We all know the lo-fi hip-hop radio “Beats to Relax/Study to” girl. She’s an icon of our times, a beacon of hope for late-night crammers. Now, we mere mortals can turn ourselves into the spitting image of the icon—thanks, of course, to Picrew.


Lofi Generator


Here is my effort. I am sure that listening to Lo-fi Girl helped me to create such a masterpiece. 😜




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