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Distro Telemetry Watch


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Perhaps noble intentions but that article is extremely misleading. I use Debian with KDE which has:

- popularity-contest which is disabled by default and opt-in during installation. Used by Debian to help decide which packages to include on the main installation images. Does not collect any user identity info. It can also be used locally to find out which packages you use most or least.


- kuserfeedback which is disabled by default and opt-in via a System Settings widget. If enabled data is anonymous and unindentifiable and helps KDE to understand usage and improve their software by allocating their limited development resources most efficiently.



Nothing like the ominous data harvesting practiced by the likes of Google and Facebook.

popularity-contest and kuserfeedback are actually ways average users can contribute back a little to the open source development that enabled them to have nice free software.

Article has some merit but also leans toward FUD, alarmism, and clickbait. One and a half stars.

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Did not read the whole article but this was nice to see,


Category 0 - No telemetry


Cat.0 is having no telemetry. A Linux distro with zero telemetry is the reason for companies, governments, organisations and users all over the world to adopt & migrate to "Privacy by Design" Linux desktop.
{#1} mxLinux Xfce; mxLinux KDE look & feel
{#6} Debian Cinnamon ; Debian LXDE ; Debian LXQt ; Debian MATE ; Debian Xfce


and this was pretty awful. What are the Manjaro devs doing to good old Arch.


Category 4 - track/trace user activity & content


Cat.4 above & track/trace user activity & content telemetry built-in. The distro "as is" downloadable .iso is not suitable for Production Environments & Personal use. Installation has sophisticated non deleteable non stoppable "spy on user" engine. Either built-in (Red) or in Repo (Grey).
{#2} Manjaro KDE ; Manjaro GNOME ; Xfce
{#7} Endeavour KDE ; EndeavourOS Xfce; MATE; GNOME; Cinnamon; Budgie; Deepin; i3-wm; LXQt
{#9} Fedora KDE ; Fedora Cinnamon ; Workstation/GNOME ; LXDE ; LXQt ; MATE ; Xfce
{#10} openSUSE Tumbleweed GNOME


I have no idea what Manjaro is sending out on the net or where it is going to, but why do they need to ? 😎

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