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auto-cpufreq CPU Speed And Power Optimizer


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auto-cpufreq Is A New CPU Speed And Power Optimizer For Linux






auto-cpufreq is a new automatic CPU speed and power optimization tool for Linux laptops using Intel CPUs (edit: it now also supports AMD and ARM CPUs), which aims to "improve battery life without making any compromises".


Its developer says that auto-cpufreq was born because you can't automatically set the CPU governor - you can set it to performance or powersave, but you can't switch between these automatically, depending on the battery status, CPU load or temperature.

It's worth noting that auto-cpufreq doesn't interfere with TLP, another tool to extend the battery life on laptops running Linux. So if you have it installed, you can continue using it without any issues.



Linux CPU Speed And Power Optimizer auto-cpufreq Can Now Enable Turbo Boost Based On The CPU Temperature




auto-cpufreq, an automatic CPU speed and power optimization tool for Linux has been updated to version 1.5.0 (and then to 1.5.1 to fix some issues) with changes among which there's an important new feature: a mechanism to enable turbo boost based on the CPU temperature in combination with CPU utilization/load, in order to prevent overheating.



Adnan Hodzic's Blog -developer of auto-cpufreq




Without TLP battery life wasn’t great, which lead to additional tweaking with indicator-cpufreq and cpufreq. But I wasn’t quite impressed by doing changes manually, and constant tweaking.

That’s how idea for auto-cpufreq (Automatic CPU speed & power optimizer for Linux) was born.




I gave the tool a try out on my Arch desktop pc so can not say if  it extends battery life for sure but I recon it will. If you look at the two screenshots you can see it reporting vastly different cpu states as I am running Boinc for the World Communityy Grid running stuff to help out with the covid-19 virus vaccination.







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