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When it comes to IT I never have been one who follows the latest trends.

  • When people were buying Apple PCs I got Commodore stuff.
  • When Windows came out I was using Amiga.
  • I have never had an iPod, iPad or IPhone. My current smartphone is Android.
  • When iMacs were hot, I switched to Linux. My netbooks have never run Windows.
  • I have always preferred AMD to Intel.
  • I had D-Link when the smart money was on Linksys. Now I have Linksys when Eero and Google are hot.
  • While most people today use smartphones and laptops, I prefer my good old desktop systems.

There are a couple exceptions. I have pretty much used Nvidia graphics when I had to choose. And I have embraced the SSD.

I suspect that many members here at Scot's are similar misfits.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Similar misfits... HA! I could have written that post myself.


  • started out in '83 with Commodore Vic 20 (not my own... friend's system) and my own Commodore SX-64
  • had moderate computer experiences at the workplace with 486/Win 3.1 in '89-'90
  • had a computer hiatus from '90 till about 2000 when my brother gave me his hand-me-down Pentium I machine w/ Win 98 on it
  • dial-up access in 2000
  • built my first machine (desktop) in 2001 or so
  • DSL access in 2002
  • said bye-bye to Windows as a primary OS back in 2006
  • began learning GNU/LInux by running numerous distributions and getting assistance from Scot's and other places online
  • before 2006 ended, had settled on Slackware as my primary OS
  • got my very first ever laptop (thanks to @securitybreach in 2009 or so
  • Verizon (later Frontier) FIOS access 2010
  • built numerous systems for friends, family and myself over the last decade... I'm up to ericsbane07 (2016) currently
  • no smart phone until just recently (Android)
  • have NEVER had cameras or microphones connected to my systems
  • routers were either ISP provided (currently) or Linksys.
  • vid cards ONLY Nvidia
  • PSUs mostly Antec
  • processors 99% AMD, the Intel processors I've used were in my laptop that Josh gave me and ericsbane01
  • favorite brands: HP, Logitech, Antec, AMD, Western Digital, Nvidia, etc.

Ah... the memories!

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I think one of the reasons I avoided Windows at home was because of the abominable way the technical science folks were treated at work. At one time the only PC in our department was in the lab secretary's office so she could type memos for the boss. Then we had one old DOS machine for 10 of us. When we did get individual PCs we were given the worst hand me down desktops while top management cluelessly carted about the latest notebooks. When I retired at the end of 2004 my work machine had a Pentium 3 500 MHz processor. Unilever's penchant for standardization meant we had software that was 5 years behind the times. Our browsers were so old you couldn't even use them to order office supplies. After I retired Unilever figured out they could get more unpaid work out of the worker bees by providing them with laptops. Go figure. Now my SIL has a company supplied phone and laptop so he's on call 24/7.

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V.T. Eric Layton

Heh! That reminds me of the computer systems at Sears Service when I worked there in '94-2000. They were dumb terminals feeding off a crappy little mainframe. The terminals were text ONLY green phosphorous. Yeah, Sears never was any good at catching up the "new'. That's one of the main reasons they are in such bad financial straits nowadays.

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Nah trend following is for sheep.


Back in the day I wore Kicker ankle boots as they fitted my wide feet a treat and I loved the funky blue colour, I cut of the small tags at the side as I did not want to be a walking advert.

Only upgraded to a all dancing phone this year too so I am only ten years or so behind the curve. 😎

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