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First Impressions of Arco Linux with Cinnamon DE

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I installed Arco Linux today and here are my first Impressions.


I really Liked the Install using Calamares. It lets you choose what Apps that you want to install. That way you can install a bare bones system with just the apps that you want or need. It gives a multitude of choices. I liked the Octopi Software installer which I told it to install. Everything that I wanted or needed worked out of the box. After the install I got all of the updates. I configured it the way I like things and had no problems doing so. Now for the Cons.


It is not as fast or refined (Polished) as Linux Mint Cinnamon or Manjaro Cinnamon. The file manager Shows the Home folder and all of the drives with Home at the bottom instead of at the top. Guess it is what you are use to, not that big a deal. I could find no way to change it. All in All not a bad distro that even a beginner could use.


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