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!aw bang on DuckDuckGo

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Since the archwiki is useful for most distros, I figured you all might find this handy:



!aw bang on DuckDuckGo

I thought people here might be interested in the !aw bang, allowing you to quickly search your favourite site the Arch Wiki and make your endeavours even more efficient! Enjoy! :)

!aw = Arch Linux Wiki search

!archpackages = Arch Linux Package search

!aur = Arch User Repository search

More about bangs here

More about DuckDuckGo here. It's a superb search engine and solid Google alternative.


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Kewl- I learned something new just now.

Yes, duckduckgo is pretty good. I should start using it more often.


The lazy way is to go on using goober indirectly through

startpage.com, supposedly anonymizing searches.


Two problems- I can see the effects of censorship in

search results (or mainly lack thereof). Also heard

rumors that startpage.com got bought by a somewhat

more (potentially) evil company than the one that started it.




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Well, I should definitely use it more. I've liked pretty much

all that I have experienced with it... Hey, it sometimes finds

some pretty different stuff that goober never picks up on...


Not to mention goober's notorious and nefarious censorship!

They (goober) have turned into little dictator prix...



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