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One of the things I miss...

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I've been using Apple products since the 1990s, not as long as I've used Windows and Linux machines, but long enough to have witnessed the changes that Apple has introduced into their computers, and now phones, since their early days.

This post is about just one of those changes, a change for the worse in my opinion. 


Remember back when you could connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your computer, open iTunes and arrange your icons on the computer, then have the changes take effect on your device? You'd see each screen of your device and could use a mouse to move icons on a screen, even move them from one screen to another. Especially for older geeks like me, arranging your icons on a larger screen was a blessing.


Now that no longer works. Even trying to make folders of several similar icons can be frustrating and ineffective.


Not offering a solution or asking for one, if one exists. Just complaining and venting my frustration as I try to set up my new 11" iPad Pro with probably 100+ icons to arrange. 

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