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Have any of you folks here ever read Loren Eiseley?


I am impressed with this gentleman's writings. I cannot more strongly recommend this. I don't know how I lived this long with my varied interests and all, and yet, I still managed to miss this fellow. A friend from Diaspora/Pluspora named Kenny Chaffin turned me on to this gentleman a few weeks back.


I've already read vol.1 of his writings and am currently beginning vol.2. I think some of you here would really like what this fellow has to say and how he says it. He was an anthropologist/paleontologist by trade, but he had the writing skills of a 19th century master, the philosophical sharpness of vision of Thoreau, and the style of a master poet.


This is not to be missed...


- Collected Essays on Evolution, Nature, and the Cosmos, Vol. 1: The Immense Journey / The Firmament of Time / The Unexpected Universe / Uncollected Prose


- Collected Essays on Evolution, Nature, and the Cosmos, Vol. 2: The Invisible Pyramid / The Night Country / Essays from The Star Thrower


I'm sure you can find them in your local library.


Also, here's a bit more about him: Loren Eiseley - Essayist, Philosopher, Literary Naturalist.





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