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First USA Linux hardware manufacturing plant opens !


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Introducing Thelio: A new desktop computer from System76


This spring System76 completed the first leg of their journey towards producing an open desktop computer when they opened the first Linux hardware manufacturing plant in the US. Now, they're working feverishly on Thelio to create a computer that is open from the hardware to the OS.


We’ve designed Thelio for users to be able to easily expand their machine. Extra screws are available and decoratively attached to the chassis. This means that users no longer need to keep screws in a bag. The desktop is designed to make serviceability and personalizing the computer a tantalizingly easy process. People should feel like they really own it.


Those of us working to build open computers are taking different approaches and in doing so we all contribute toward this end. The important thing is that we’re all on the same trajectory: proprietary freedom.




Thelio is designed to maximize the performance of every high-end component while remaining incredibly compact. Oversized fans quietly pull in cool air. Heat pipes rapidly draw heat from the CPU. Ducts contain the heated air and direct it out of the system. And a custom chassis controller coordinates and optimizes the flow.


Pop!_OS by System76 and Thelio together form the perfect platform to create and discover. Thelio is optimized for maximum performance. Pop!_OS provides tools and development platforms that are always up-to-date and just a single click or command away.


Write software. Build robots. Train AI models. Dev those ops. Frag your Steam friends on the side! Have fun making a better world.


Thelio Io is a System76 designed chassis controller and hard drive backplane that moves proprietary functionality from the mainboard to the open source Thelio Io daughterboard.


Moving chassis and thermal control to Thelio Io enables far more granular performance optimization. Motherboard data, fan speed, and GPU and OS data are used to coordinate optimal airflow.


Windows -----------------only buy them if they are double glazed laughing.gif

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I'm wondering if anybody knows a person who has bought from companies like System 76 or ZaReason. These machines are well specced and designed and you know that Linux will work out of the box - but you'd have to get one from the US if you live where I do.

To commit the kind of cash to get a machine like the Thelio, you'd have to be all in as a Linux user - and if you are, you probably know enough to build your own desktop. Laptops are a different situation.

That said there is a lot to like - fairly cutting edge hardware you know will work, a nice O/S that is basically a prettyfied GNOME, tech support. It's a bit like Apple where System76 controls the hardware and software too - except your average Linux user is nothing like your average Apple user.

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I liked the wood and polished ally on the case though I would prefer the maple to the walnut.


The major point of interest for me is the io controller board and the ducting for the heat dispersion. Would those components would work in real life really well is the Q. I'm betting they might but I would need to see some comparison test results to be convinced.


As to the os, well you could add any os with ease these days.


Nice to see such a well turned out penguin though. If I needed a new pc and they had UK suppliers to take care of any faults with components I would consider buying one. :breakfast:

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