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Balancing WiFi & Cell Signal


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How does my iPhone manage battery usage between the WiFi radio and the cell receiver?

Is it automatic, or must I do it manually?

An example to illustrate: I’m in my condo using WiFi listening to a radio station using an app. I leave to walk the dogs still listening. As I go outside the building I lose the radio station. Thinking it is because I am now out of my WiFi’s range, I manually turn off the WiFi thinking the cell signal will now pick up the radio station, and it does, but apparently not automatically because I have to go to the app and tap the play icon (the triangle thingy). Shortly the radio station returns. When I return to my condo the radio continues to play uninterrupted; I assume my WiFi has now taken over as my Internet signal because it has turned back on by itself.

My basic question is: does WiFi and the cell receiver automatically switch based on which one has the stronger signal? If so, does the one not being used revert to some kind of low-power/standby mode to save power? If not, must I manually deactivate the one not being used to save on battery life?

Thanks, Steve

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I do not know about Apple but Android will switch when you lose wifi signal completely. Even if I only have one bar, it will stay connected to wifi until I have no signal.

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