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Really Liking Siduction 3.0 with LXQT

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I really like Siduction 3.0 with the lxqt desktop environment. I may just have to call on Sunrat and others when I have a problem. I could probably do better with the cinnamon DE, but I like any of the LX de's THis one is really fast and smooth. Probably the best LXQT DE yet. Once I learn it I'll probably use it full time and keep mint as a backup. I have both mint 19 and Siduction lxqt both working really well right now. It's just that I have so much to learn about the LXQT DE and Siduction.


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I must do a VBox install soon. I've heard good reports from several sources. It's not surprising siduction Lxqt is good as the siduction devs are active in its development.

I can help with general siduction advice but not much specifically on Lxqt as I only use Plasma 5 there, and Xfce in MX and AVLinux.

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