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Today was update Tuesday and it didn't even involve Windows 10 Creator's Update.

  • Started out with a new version of Roboform - which hopefully will correct some syncing problems.
  • Next I got a good deal on upgrading my photo management program - 2 for one. I started the Web installer which promptly died - so I had to download and install manually on my Windows desktop. It works. On my laptop where I use the second copy everything worked great. Who knows why? For some reason the new version doesn't replace the old one so I had two photo management apps and had to uninstall the old version.
  • Next ESET wanted to upgrade from Version 9 to version 10. This meant it had to do a complete system scan after installation. The desktop with a powerful quad core and SSD breezed through the scan in about 40 minutes. The slower laptop with its 5400 RPM hard drive took 5 hours before the scan-a-thon was finished.

And people ask me why I like to use Linux. Oy...

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