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V.T. Eric Layton

PC Mag's VPN Review

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Not a bad starter article but it makes no mention of kill switches or the IPV6 DNS leak gremlin.


This site I have found to be much more informative as this snippet shows.


This protects Linux VPN connections with a firewall based kill switch and DNS leak protection, and allows port forwarding. In fact, the Mullvad client is the only VPN software I am aware of properly route IPv6 DNS requests (even AirVPN only disables IPv6).




I am thinking of signing up for the AIR VPN.



Thanks to its tech-heavy focus and lack of customer service skills, AirVPN is not a hit with the average VPN user. This is a big shame, as not only does AirVPN really care about its customers’ privacy, but it is the clear market leader when it comes to privacy technology. Its open source GUI Linux client (“Eddie”) is identical to the Windows and OSX versions.

This means that users benefit from a firewall-based kill switch and DNS leak protection, port selection, and more. And as always, AirVPN uses very strong encryption, permits VPN obfuscation using SSH and SSL tunneling, supports anonymous Linux VPN use via VPN through Tor, and allows port forwarding.

Additional features: Real-time user and server statistics, VPN through SSL and SSH tunnels


I am trying to find out if I can run a webcam running on a Pi that can be accessed by anyone, a weather cam. Will this VPN's service be able to do this ?




This service can be useful when you need a domain name, which must be persistent across all Air VPN servers, for a service you need to run "behind Air VPN". For example: if you want to host a game server, you can communicate to the players the DNS name and freely switch Air VPN servers.



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So far, no issues with my current VPN (PIA), so I guess I'll renew come May and continue on with them. Should I have to make another choice, I may consider NordVPN or PureVPN.

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I have a server colo'd at a friend's ISP in the US that I use for VPN access when traveling outside the US. Probably not as fast as some of the big VPN providers, but it worked really well when I visited Europe a year ago.




Aryeh Goretsky

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