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Junk Folder Conflicts


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I keep getting the following pesky email from "Microsoft Outlook" with the subject line: "Folders in your mailbox have name conflicts."

The message reads:


"One or more folders in your mailbox have name conflicts with others or system reserved names.

Folders with these names can't be downloaded by your IMAP e-mail program.


Please connect to your mailbox using your Web browser and rename those folders. Once renamed, those folders will be displayed in your IMAP e-mail application correctly."


The folder in question is named "Junk" in my Outlook email on my iPad Mini, but is named "Junk Email" in my Outlook account when I access it via my browser (Chrome) on my laptop.

I assume I must change one to match the other. I've tried changing each to match the other with no luck. I assume because they are default folders is the reason they can not be renamed.


How can I fix this? And, stop receiving this emails?



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V.T. Eric Layton

I believe the name "Junk" is a reserved name; meaning you cannot name your own created folders using that name because this will confuse Outlook Mail, which reserves that name for its own purposes.


I'm no longer an MS Windows/Outlook user, so I could be wrong here. Stand by for advice from more knowledgeable folks. :)

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You posted "Moved to the appropriate area" — where might that be?

I would like to follow my post.

Is there somewhere in your post that tells me where to find this "appropriate area." If so, I could not find it.



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