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Dodgy dist-upgrade

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For the last while, I have been happily running the KDE version of siduction. Quite recently however, during a routine dist-upgrade, I noticed a large amount KDE packages and libraries being removed. I feared the worst, and rebooting confirmed that the K Desktop Environment had indeed been broken, if not entirely removed from the system... :bye2:


I still had a functioning herbstluftwm installed, so, figuring it was time for a change, I used this to download the latest Manjaro release, which I'm now running with hlwm installed alongside Xfce.

Here are screenshots for those interested...





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siduction has always been susceptible to d-u glitches just because of the nature of Debian Sid. It's essential to check the Upgrade Warnings section in the forums to see any issues and hold off if there are reports of breakage.

I broke siduction spectacularly a few months back and have used MX-15 since, but eagerly await siduction's next actual release. Plasma5 is my favourite DE of all time and it's rough edges are smoothing rapidly with each point update.

I just built a new system and installed KDE Neon last night. It is KDE's showcase distro for Plasma5 and so far it is smooth sailing and very impressive. :thumbsup: B)

I don't like it's "Ubuntuisms" though, and PulseAudio is a pain as it always prefers the HDMI output (which is not used) over the actual sound card so needs to be set for each application. :angry: Nothing to do with KDE though, that's just Pulse.

Still patiently waiting for new siduction or another good Debian-based Plasma5 distro. Neon looks like it will fill the gap until then.

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