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Mozilla "Improving Security for Bugzilla"

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Someone was able to steal security-sensitive information from Bugzilla and Mozilla believes they used that information to attack Firefox users. From the Mozilla Security Blog:


The account that the attacker broke into was shut down shortly after Mozilla discovered that it had been compromised. We believe that the attacker used information from Bugzilla to exploit the vulnerability we patched on August 6. We have no indication that any other information obtained by the attacker has been used against Firefox users. The version of Firefox released on August 27 fixed all of the vulnerabilities that the attacker learned about and could have used to harm Firefox users.


We are updating Bugzilla’s security practices to reduce the risk of future attacks of this type. As an immediate first step, all users with access to security-sensitive information have been required to change their passwords and use two-factor authentication. We are reducing the number of users with privileged access and limiting what each privileged user can do. In other words, we are making it harder for an attacker to break in, providing fewer opportunities to break in, and reducing the amount of information an attacker can get by breaking in. [bold added]


Why in heaven's name weren't users with access to security-sensitive information not using two-factor authentication in the first place? How could they be so irresponsible?


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