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Here is great article about possibly future Mayor of Zaragoza, Spain and his love for Linux.His cunning plan is to embrace Linux and make Zaragoza and possibly the rest of the Spain, the most friendliest place for Linux.Spaniards Consider Putting on TuxOn a side note, I've got for you link to small article from local Free tech magazine, called "Monitor".They have online edition and this is link to article about how local charity (in Ottawa) was persuaded to purchase Microsoft and continue with monthly payments, instead of jumping on free Linux wagon.Why save when you can spend!I live in Ottawa, Canada and the only thing I don't like in the article is that author of the article did not say what charity organization is in question.That would make me think next time when I am about to give something to charity. ;)

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I did hear about the plans in Spain with Linux, the Belgian government is pushing Linux as well, so are Germany and Portugal. Europe is getting a big wish to be independent from US multinationals, not only in software. ;) ;) Bruno

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