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Reading properties of a file

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Hi all,


I am not sure if the Social Media forum is the right place for my question about serverside programming, but I will go ahead anyway.


I have a large number (thousands) of photos which I want to easily organise, by name, on my website. Programming the pages (day-by-day) is time-consuming.


I can use the glob() function in PHP to get a list of all of my JPG files in a specific sub-directory. I would like to also be able to read the dimensions for each individual photo so that I can have my PHP program write the appropriate sizing (height / width) on-the-fly.


However, I cannot seem to find a PHP function to read the dimensions. File size, yes; dimensions, no.


Is there a PHP function which I have missed, or a Javascript function, or...?


Thanks in advance.



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Mac, I'll be totally honest with you here...


PHP and Javascripting are not within my realm of competency, so I can't help you at all.


Stand by, though... there may be others around here who can help you with this.





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Hi ebrke,


Yes, that is it. I have to first ask myself why I did not immediately see that when I was looking at the Filesystem functions. Then, I see that it is not listed in the Filesystem Functions.


Thanks! I knew there was a function, just not exactly what it is.


All Hail Scot's Newletter Forums Participants!!



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Hi All,


So, here is a followup on my intended use of the glob() function and the [pointed-out-to-me] getimagesize() function in PHP. Put the following code in an index.php (or whatever you want to call it) file in a directory with JPGs --


foreach (glob("*.jpg") as $filename)


$size = getimagesize ("$filename");

if ($size[3] == 'width="1772" height="1181"') :

echo "<img src=\"$filename\" height=118></P> ";

else :

echo "<img src=\"$filename\" height=177></P> ";


echo "$filename</P>&nbsp;</P> ";



This now reads the properties of all the JPGs and displays them according to the height found. I size all of the photos I upload as width=1772 / height-1181 or width=1181 / height=1772 according to whether the photo is horizontal or vertical. I have reduced the height by 10% to display the photo as a thumbnail. I will now enhance the code further for myself, displaying the photos in a TABLE with two-across CELLs. Obviously, the width and height sizes can be read and used dynamically when the hpotos are not saved with consistent dimensions.


This will now save me a lot of programming time. During the last Fasnacht season (what is know in other languages and regions as Carnival, Karneval, Mardi Gras and such), a six-week period of costumes, parties and parades, I shot more than 4,000 photos. I just did not want to deal with the program code for my own site and went to Facebook as a quick-and-dirty solution. Now, I will not have to.


Thanks again to ALL!



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