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Where does Chrome keep its list of Cookies


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Hi all,


This may be a strange question, but where does Chrome (for Windows) keep its list of cookies that have been laid.


I want to block specific cookies (which is a standard browser function with Chrome and Firefox) but I do not want to continually open the list of all cookies, close that dialog box and then open the Manage Exceptions dialog and close that after entering as many as I can remember, repeating the steps until the list has been transferred.


In Firefox, at least, when you delete a cookie, it is automatically added to the Manage Exceptions list as a blocked cookie/site. But, Chrome does not seem to have this option. If I am mistaken, I would love to know how to build a list of blocked cookies/sites.


Thanks in advance as always,



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Thanks for both of the replies. However, I already know that and referred to that in my original question when I mentioned the step - "continually open the list of all cookies".


What I mean is a file where this list is kept which I can open in, say, Notepad and keep open while I make changes in the Manage Exceptions dialog box.





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The Superuser.com thread is exactly what I am looking for, including for Firefox and IE (which I have pretty much stopped using except to test my Websites for those who might visit using IE). The answer to the question may be there, but the pointer came from Scot's Newsletter!


My best to all,



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