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So you read newspapers? You know DDoS happened last year? What about right now at this instance?

Watch in Awe the multi Gigabit DDoS attacks happening worldwide right now!!! .. Truly amazing and scary. See DDOS attacks maps live on this world #LiveDDoS attack maps. Very interesting interactions between USA and China.


Amazing live updated maps, clicking on the maps shows different information.


The map would make a great screensaver if it did not consume so much bandwidth (bandwidth heavy maps)


Looking at the avatar on the site raises the Q - has Josh got a secret part time job in the security world. :breakfast:

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V.T. Eric Layton

Evidently, that site is under DDoS attack because it's taking forever to load. :(


Hey! Isn't that Securitybreach? :o

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Took even longer than forever to load here too.Guess it must be quite a task to track all them attacks.Makes you wonder if they can track them why do they not shut them down ?



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It is almost mesmerizing watching the ipviking.com "attack origins" alternate between China and Taiwan with the U.S. as the primary target. As to shutting them down, cooperation between international agencies is needed in order to shut down the servers controlling the botnets. Look what it took to get to “Gameover Zeus” Botnet and “Cryptolocker”.


From USDOJ: U.S. Leads Multi-National Action Against “Gameover Zeus” Botnet and “Cryptolocker” Ransomware, Charges Botnet Administrator


Besides the United States, law enforcement from the Australian Federal Police; the National Police of the Netherlands National High Tech Crime Unit; European Cybercrime Centre (EC3); Germany’s Bundeskriminalamt; France’s Police Judiciare; Italy’s Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni; Japan’s National Police Agency; Luxembourg’s Police Grand Ducale; New Zealand Police; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs – Division for Combating Cyber Crime; and the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency participated in the operation. The Defense Criminal Investigative Service of the U.S. Department of Defense also participated in the investigation.


Invaluable technical assistance was provided by Dell SecureWorks and CrowdStrike. Numerous other companies also provided assistance, including facilitating efforts by victims to remediate the damage to their computers inflicted by Gameover Zeus. These companies include Microsoft Corporation, Abuse.ch, Afilias, F-Secure, Level 3 Communications, McAfee, Neustar, Shadowserver, Anubis Networks, Symantec, Heimdal Security, Sophos and Trend Micro.

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