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Real FX: Race Cars with Artificial Intelligence


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No slots, so no limits. Artificial intelligence & customisable track. Like real life video game racing. Thrills & spills in any space!

  • Radio control cars with Artificial Intelligence, for control never achieved before
  • Slotless expandable, customisable track that sets up in seconds, not hours
  • AI system gives super-rich features while racing, similar to video games



It must be the heat or the fact that I had a good month voluntary driving and have just finished me monthly accounts and saw how much loot was coming my way.Call me crazy but I just had to.




Hope they make the grade. :breakfast:

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Pledge £80 or more


200 backers All gone!



Early Bird: A full set of 2 cars, 2 controllers & 'Starter Track' set. Each set will come with a numbered certificate signed by the team, certifying that yours is one of the first 200 sets ever produced. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE! Worldwide shipping costs are included, but please be aware that you may be required to pay import duty upon delivery to your country.



I got the last cheap option. :clap:


Do you really want a set ? :fish:

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Rightyo. I'll keep you updated. An have asked me mum and she says you can come around to play when the set arrives. :hug:

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Project is funded !!!!!!!!!! looks like my dream of becoming a racing car driver will come true after all. All you regulars are invited round for a go when it arrives, tea and scones provided of course.


Project Update #12: You did it!

Posted by Wow! Labs ♥ Like

Wow! You have funded our project, and we are unbelievably excited!

You hear stories about crowd funding, but I don't think anyone can comprehend the undulating waves of stress, emotion, exhilaration & exasperation that it entails until they are caught up in it.

We have been, and its been an incredible experience. It's surprised us.

What you have given us is way more than just financial backing. We feel validated that there is a demand for what we have created, and we feel humbled & honoured by the generous & constructive feedback you have given.

Of course, by far the most important thing is that we give you the product you have helped bring to life. We will now go flat out to get it into your hands as quickly as possible & will keep you up to date. There's no question now though, this is now going to happen, and that feels so good.

It seems like good timing to give you a couple of tokens of our appreciation.

Firstly, many of you have requested that we build in a 'bottleneck' to the track configuration. So we have. And its now included for anyone who buys the 'pro-racing' sets (take a look at 'whats included' on the campaign page). It's a thank you from us.

Secondly, I know many of you would like to get creative with Real FX, so as of now, if anyone wants to unleash their creativity on the car body shells, just message me & I will forward you the CAD files. We are going to open up a page for you all to show off & share your creation on Sketchfab. I will update details on that later.

Phew... What can I say..... You are all clearly all heroes & toy visionaries :-)

Here we go. Let's do it !


Graeme & the team


animated-smileys-vehicles-073.gif animated-smileys-vehicles-140.gif

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Well I may have a new toy in time for Christmas if those blooming inefficient americans can pull their finger out of their ****s.




Shipping update (Monday)... Another slight glitch


Posted by Wow! Labs

Hi everyone,

As planned, our pallets of RealFX rewards arrived at 8 am this morning to our office in the UK. As you can see, it was a varied stack of boxes, as we have some many different configurations of rewards to deliver.


A dedicated bunch of volunteers were there, ready to offload the boxes in the still dark, and cold morning. This camera shy soul is Dave Chester... suitably dressed for the job!


Our supply chain manager, Jo, had everything ready, so every backer had their own pack of documents, and a certificate if needed, which meant opening the carton & inserting it inside.

Our merry band filled a big room with the boxes, and proceeded to label & process each one... For hours it seemed the mountain wasn't getting any smaller, and only coffee, tea, and a big tub of chocolates kept spirits from flagging...

Everyone was targeting getting all of the boxes processed by 4pm, when the UPS truck was booked to collect them.

Just before the deadline, we were ready.... A tremendous effort from Ash, Lee, Dave, Jo and Lisa (who moved almost every box from one room to another once processed - hope your back is OK Lisa!)


So, everything on plan!.... Until the UPS truck turned up, and we all realised we had a problem... Despite the booking details, the truck that arrived would only have managed to fit about 20 boxes in it!

So - I'm sorry to have to let you all know that although your rewards have all been processed and are in the UPS system, the estimated delivery date is best described as optimistic :-(

UPS have promised us that they are sending a truck big enough to collect everything tomorrow, but unfortunately that means the estimated delivery dates you will have received in your UPS notifications are going to be wrong by 1 day.

Fingers crossed that everything now goes according to plan tomorrow, and we will let you know as soon as they are safely on their way to you!


Graeme & the Real FX Team



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Well here I am six and a half months after the set arrived and I finally managed to have a first play with me chum. What a hoot, haven't had so much innocent fun for years. Vroom vroom. :Laughing:

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