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Installed the latest Debian Mint with Cinnamon

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I just installed the latest Debian Mint amd 64 version which is rolling distribution. I have not had to much luck in the past with rolling disto's. They seem to break to easy when updating or upgrading. I have had problems in the past with Linux Mint DE I have to say this one went pretty smooth although on first boot I got a blank screen after hard drive install. Thanks to Sunrat I knew what to do. I did a CTRL + ALT + F1 Logged in as user did a SU and then a apt-get update then apt-get install "firmware-linux-nonfree" I then did a ALT + F7 and startx logged out as su rebooted and logged in as user. Here I am. Everything appears to be working just fine. If this distro breaks then I will probably go back to mint standard version with cinnamon. I will keep this one backed up just in case there are problems.


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Nice :thumbsup:

So far it is working perfect. I managed to install Variety Wallpaper changer even though the repos ppa for variety are not working giving a 404 error so I went around the backdoor using source forge and a deb pkg. The colors in this version are out standing using my old radeon hd4200 graphics card. I copied my Thunderbird and mozilla firefox folders from a backup and merged them in my home folder so I now have all my email settings and contacts as well as my favorites and bookmarks. also extensions. Got a few updates and no problems. I have been playing with it and installing software since I put it on the hard drive. Working great although I have to get use to it as it is still a lot of Debian combined with Mint and Cinnamon. I like the fact that it is a rolling Distro if I don't break it.

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