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Gimp - rounded corners ?


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I'm trying to put rounded corners on a picture but can not seem to perform this simple task.


I have found FILTERS-DECOR-ROUNDED CORNERS but I can not get rounded corners.



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Well you are still the expert IMO as I barely use GIMP.

You should wear clothes.

*sigh* I remember the days when I was The ONLY GIMPmaster around here. I'm so not-feeling-needed lately. ;)

You still da man. I only know enough to be a health hazard.
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Thanks folks. Your suggestions were a tad clearer than the ones I found. I ended up using sunrat's method.


So I can get rounded corners and a border. However I am not able to easily fill in the border with colour.


I am trying to make a template that I can use on 80 pics(all same size) that are going in a wedding album.


Me idea is to use the template and drop different pics into it. I am not finding this easy, just a smidgin perplexed here.


This is the sort of thing I am after, but with border filled with colour.




I bin searchin hi an lo for a GIMPmaster wonder if our resident GIMPmaster has any spare time at the mo. :whistling:

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You haven't done Stroke Selection yet in your pic.Change the foreground colour first to choose what line colour you want.


Yup I know. That was just a quick test, using borders and rounded corners. It was the end of a long day so not very clear I know.


Eric in answer to your Q.


I am doing a wedding album on-line.

I have 80 pics from me Pentax K-30 sized 4928 x 3264. I have copies in JPG and DNG format.


The album company says that to get the best quality finish I need to have the pictures with, sRGB(Adobe RGB is not recommended) and 300 dpi or above in .jpg format. I am waiting for them to inform me of the largest size picture they need for the album.


I foolishly mentioned to me mate that rounded corners were a possibility when he asked. So I am looking for an easy way to accomplish this. To produce a finished picture like this,




Obviously as this is a wedding album a black border would not be really suitable. Me mate has his heart set on a GOLD border. I do not know if this is possible or what it would look like when printed.


I thought I could make a GIMP template of a border with rounded corners in the correct colour and then just drop in pictures. From my limited knowledge of GIMP I feel this should be possible and may be the easiest method.


From their FAQ,


Technical Notes:

  • Images need to be JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) format.
  • For the best results we recommend an image quality of 300dpi, although images over 150dpi will still be suitable for printing. We don't recommend using images less than 150dpi as we can't guarantee their print quality, and images less than 100dpi will result in pixelation. If an image isn't of high enough quality for the size of the image box selected, you'll see a warning icon. If you don't have a higher quality image, we suggest you select a page layout containing a smaller image box.
  • For best results we recommend saving images in sRGB. Using other RGB formats (such as Adobe RGB) can result in some distortion or loss of color when printing.


Some of the pictures need straightening and cropping. I also need to lighten some up and sharpen them a touch. I can do all of that.


I found a Gimp tool that creates a fog effect that would be nice to use on some pictures but am not quite happy with my efforts so far. I thought I could use the fog to hide a few things and create a romantic atmosphere.


Any suggestions for any other subtle effects would be appreciated. As would any helpful tips. :228823:


Re reading the FAQ I see that they offer a tool to put borders around pictures on their site, no mention of rounded corners. So I may not need to do this in GIMP.

However I would like to learn how to do it for another project.

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V.T. Eric Layton

If you're looking for an effect something like this...




... it's relatively simple to do in The GIMP. Unfortunately, it's a one-at-a-time deal; meaning you'll have to do each image individually. I'm sure there is a way to do bulk modifications on photos, but I don't know the procedure. So, if you have a lot of photos, it could be a time consuming job for you.


In The GIMP, do the following to achieve the above:

  • Load your photo that you want to manipulate.
  • Crop/Resize/Adjust any way you need to.
  • Once you have the photo as you want it to be (size, luminosity, etc.) you can round the corners to your liking by choosing:
    • Filters - Decor - Round corners...
    • You'll need to fiddle with the radius settings a bit to get them the way you want them to be. (I used 32 for the above corners, I think.)
    • GIMP is already set to work on a copy, so once you click the rounded corner button, it'll do as you ask on a copy of your photo, leaving the original alone, in case you don't like the results.

    [*]Once you have your rounded corners as you want them, you'll need to make the little visible corner pieces transparent.

    • Choose Layer - Transparency - Color to alpha (the alpha color should be the same as your little corner bits - FFFFFF or pure white.

    [*]Create a new blank GIMP image (just a white canvas) about 50-75 px taller/wider than your photo.

    [*]Using the color tool, choose a shade of gold (or whatever border color you want) and paint that color into the new canvas.

    [*]Go back to your rounded corner photo and Select All - Copy Visible.

    [*]Paste onto your recently colored canvas.

    • Anchor the layer.

    [*]Choose Rectangle Select from the tools menu and draw a rectangle around the photo leaving the correct border size that you want to have.

    • Copy Visible
    • Paste As New
    • Save as high quality jpg.

And that's it. You're all done. You'll just have to do this 149 more times for the rest of the photos you took. Have a good supply of smokes and whisky/tea/coffee for the project. :)

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You could batch process with ImageMagick. Basically you create a mask with the border and apply it to the images. You could do this in Gimp, but IM would make it easy to do all your images with one simple command. Don't ask me exactly what that simple command is though, you'll have to script it.


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You could batch process with ImageMagick. Basically you create a mask with the border and apply it to the images. You could do this in Gimp, but IM would make it easy to do all your images with one simple command. Don't ask me exactly what that simple command is though, you'll have to script it.



Good find ! Though it would take me the rest of my life to work out what to do. Interesting. :breakfast:

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