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Chrome may not be so shiny clean !

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Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates


Once in control, they can silently push new ad-filled "updates" to those users.




To make matters worse, ownership of a Chrome extension can be transferred to another party, and users are never informed when an ownership change happens. Malware and adware vendors have caught wind of this and have started showing up at the doors of extension authors, looking to buy their extensions. Once the deal is done and the ownership of the extension is transferred, the new owners can issue an ad-filled update over Chrome's update service, which sends the adware out to every user of that extension.


Something to watch for if you are a Chrome user. :breakfast:

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Guest LilBambi

Same is true for Firefox and Internet Explorer extensions. Keeping these buggers out of your browser are a pain, but it has to be done.


Many extensions you have to be very careful of. I use few regardless.


The real problem are the drive-by download installations of the myriad of badware extensions that get pushed to people without their knowledge or with other things.

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One month after the company announced that it was kicking some toolbars and other "multipurpose extensions" out of the Chrome Web Store -- to keep its browser's interface uncluttered and to protect users from unpleasant surprises -- it has removed two Chrome extensions, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The two extensions, "Add to Feedly" and "Tweet This Page," reportedly had their code updated so that users would see more pop-up ads while using Chrome. Dozens of users took to message boards after the update to complain about the ads. [...]


Google discards extensions that force feed users ads in Chrome

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Guest LilBambi

Awesome! Way to go Google Chrome devs!


Amit Agrawal, developer of the "Feedly" extension, penned a blog post on Thursday saying that he sold his extension but now regrets it. Once Feedly got in the hands of the new owner, it became laden with "invisible ads that work the background and replace links on every website that you visit into affiliate links."


I bet! Especially once it was known what they did with his work!

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so, "feed ly" re-writes web pages before they are rendered by your browser!


reminds me of the internet 'toon decades ago -

hey, fred, load this on your pc, it turns every site you visit into a porn site.

next day, hey, fred, how did it work?

fred: i didn't notice a difference...

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